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Buying Auto Insurance Online: Why Buy Insurance Online

Updated on January 10, 2012

Get Your Auto Insurance Online

Buying auto insurance has never been easier these days. Thanks to the Internet, it only takes a few points and clicks to get the coverage that you need to be on the road again. Insurance is mandatory when driving a car, but that doesn't mean the process of buying auto insurance has to be a tough one.

Compare Policies

The best reason you should shop for auto insurance online is that you can compare policies. What should you be looking for when comparing policies? Well, each driver is different, but in general look for:

-Available Discounts

-Great Customer Service

-A Vanishing Deductible For Good Drivers

-Good Value For The Cost

As long as you have a good driving record and decent credit, you should be able to get a good quote.

What Are Insurance Companies Looking For

When you go to get a quote online, the insurance companies are going to offer you prices based on different criteria. Among the most common things that will effect your price include:

-Driving Record

If you have had accidents in the past, or any moving violations, you can expect your rates to go up. These events go off your record after 3-5 years in most cases.


Younger drivers tend to pay more, mostly because statistics say they are more likely to get into a crash. You can mitigate this by taking classes, or going on your parents policy.

-Credit Score

Why wouldn't a credit score effect you? Credit checks are done for everything these days, and some companies think that a low credit score is an indicator of not being a reliable driver.

-Safety Features In Your Car

If you get into an accident, it is important that you stay safe. The lower the dollar amount of your damages and medical bills, the less you are going to pay for your policy.

What Other Benefits Are There To Shopping Online

When buying auto insurance online, you get some other benefits besides just being able to compare the costs of coverage between policies. There is the ease of buying factor and the ability to buy a policy and print out your paperwork in just a few minutes.

This means that you can shop for insurance during your lunch break and then have your policy done before you go back to work. The paperwork is all legit and you can use it right away if need be.

Since doing your insurance shopping online is so easy, you can spend time shopping for a new policy anytime you think you could be saving money. Switching insurance companies is easy, but make sure you know whether or not you need to contact your provider, or if the new insurance company will do that for you.

If You Have Bad Credit

If you have poor credit, you can use the Internet to search for companies that offer policies for those with poor credit scores, or who have less than stellar driving histories. There are companies online who simply want to do business with those types of drivers. However, be careful that this insurance policy provider will actually stick with you should anything happen. There are many companies out there who basically just want your money.


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