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Buy Car Reversing Camera Kits

Updated on October 25, 2010

Accidentally reversing over your kids in your own driveway must be the stuff that many parents have nightmares about, not a week goes by without a report of a toddler playing happily in their driveway unseen by Mum or Dad as they reverse their four wheel drive out of the driveway. In fact Recent Tests conducted by NRMA Insurance show that most Australian passenger cars particularly newer models offer poor rear visibility. This has often been as a result of other safety improvements such as more and stronger internal headrests to protect from whiplash or higher car sides to protect the driver from a side on collision, all these improvements whilst protecting the passengers in the car have drastically reduced visibility as to what is around the car and this has been a key factor in accidents leading to accidental death of children in driveways.

The 2009 Reversing Visibility Index, which lists results for 205 tested vehicles, shows that only five percent achieved a full ‘five star’ result which at least is up from zero percent in 2004. This marginal improvement is put down to the increased inclusion of reversing cameras in new cars. However of course not everyone can afford a new car and many are stuck driving their old car or are restricted in their purchase to cheaper models that do not include a reversing camera as standard.

However thankfully Car Reversing Kits or Car Backup Systems are cheaply available on the market and can be easily and cheaply retrofitted to your current car. Amazon is of course a superb place to buy these Kits as is Ebay. It doesnt cost much to give you that peace of mind that you know and can clearly see what is behind and around you as you reverse.

PYLE PLCM36 3.5'' Slim TFT LCD Universal Mount Monitor

One of the most popular Camera kits on the market is the PYLE PLCM36 3.5'' Slim TFT LCD Universal Mount Monitor. This monitor is easily attached near the driver on the dashboard or windscreen like a GPS system, it can also be set to automatically activate when the car is put in reverse.

This kit includes a nightvision-capable rear view camera and monitor for your vehicle. The camera is easily installed above your license plate and gives clear video over an RCA jack. You connect the camera to the included 3.5” monitor in your car and you are able to see everything behind you on the screen, it’s like having an extra eye. This model also includes nightvision LEDs which will illuminate the area behind you at night.

These kits are not only popular but extremely affordable.

Rear View Safety 7" Tft Lcd Color Rear View Backup Camera System

Another very popular kit that is slightly larger is the Rear View Safety 7" Tft Lcd Color Rear View Backup Camera System that has a 130° ccd camera with 18 infra-red illuminators night vision and a microphone so that you can also hear whats behind you.

This system comes complete with a colour 7" TFT LCD monitor with mirror image capability, a 3 channel multiplexer which can easily be connected to a dvd player or another camera, with an automatic system switch.  This system is completely weather proof with a IP67 rating, strong and reliable, shock resistant with a 10G impact rating.

This really is of commercial grade and is one of the best on the market. It is readily available from Amazon using the links to the right and can be quickly and easily fitted to your vehicle to provide you with the peace of mind you require.

Kenwood CCD-2000 Rear-View Camera

Another small and unobtrusive Rear vision camera and screen on the market is the Kenwood CCD-2000 Rear-View Camera. Again it is quickly and easily fitted to your car.

This universal rear view camera can easily be added to any Kenwood or eXcelon multimedia system, or installed as a standalone Rear View Camera kit. With a high resolution color picture, wide viewing angles and low light compensation and is most impressive in its sensitivity to light at nighttime, this is a must have accessory for safety when reversing your vehicle.

This Rear View Camera kit is available now from Amazon and is one of the more affordable higher end systems around. Alternatively these can be picked from many sellers on Ebay which allows you to see what offers are on the market.

Pioneer Nd-Bc2 Universal Rear View Camera

The Pioneer Nd-Bc2 Universal Rear View Camera Kit is another easily installable Camera Kit that works in nicely with an existing Pioneer multimedia system or just as easily can be installed as a standalone Reversing Camera Kit.

The provisions are there to plug the Camera into it's own box and from there to the also included video screen box. The control box is the size of a box of Tic-Tacs and so can be easily fitted into an existing setup. This really is deceptively easy to install, however probably doesnt give quite as much night-time vision as some of the other higher end models but more than makes up for it with its versatility.

This model is available from Amazon and can be purchased by using the links to the right.


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