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Stop Falling Asleep While Driving - Buy Anti sleep Alarm Online

Updated on October 12, 2011

Read my short story to know why I bought anti sleep alarm online for me, my family, and my car’s safety:

Last year in the month of December, around Christmas and New Year holidays, I was driving over to Jaipur from New Delhi with my friends and family. It was around 4 a.m. in the morning when I started driving. As I don’t have a habit of waking up so early, I switched on the music to full volume so that I can concentrate on driving without any dozing or nodding en route. Kids were making a lot of noise as they were happy that they were going on a long needed vacation, no matter if it was too short (just two days).

But after driving for half an hour, kids started going to sleep. Soon, everyone in the vehicle was dozing and resting on each other’s shoulders. Even one of my friends from behind told me to decrease the volume of music so that the kids could enjoy their early morning nap. I was quite alert and confident so I didn’t mind and switched off the music completely. I kept on driving for another half an hour or so when I slowly started falling sideways. I tried to concentrate on my driving, opened up my eyes completely, and sat straight. I was able to drive just a few kilometers more when again I started falling asleep. I said to myself, “Oh my God!! What’s happening to me?”

I was just thinking about my being asleep when I felt like I am not driving and rather I am playing a video game. The 265-km 3-hr 40-min Delhi-Jaipur highway drive is very smooth and you can feel like playing a video game especially when you are deprived of sleep. The worse thing happened when I tried to overtake a highway monster (a huge tractor trailer) and ended up slowly hitting a roadside tree. Everyone woke up with a sudden jerk. Thanks God, there was no accident, only a huge jerk of our 4x4, but it was enough to wake up everyone in the vehicle, even the kids. Suddenly, there was a lot of noise and everyone was calling me, hey Soni what happened? I drove the vehicle to a safe place and told them everything about what happened. I felt really sad and tearful of what I had done. It might have been possible that we all would have died in a fatal car accident. One of my friends started driving and told me to shift to the backseat. We went to Jaipur and returned back to Delhi. Everyone enjoyed the vacation and soon they all forgot about that short accident, except me.

After coming back, I logged on google and started searching for an antisleep alarm or a device that can wake me up while I am driving and sleeping. All of a sudden I found an amazing device that can detect and alert drowsy drivers. The name is “anti sleep pilot”. I read some reviews on the Internet to find out why this anti sleep device is selling like hot cakes in United Kingdom. After going through a lot of positive and a few negative responses regarding this product, I ordered it online. The price for the device was around 250 dollars. After buying, receiving, and installing this device on my vehicle’s dashboard, I am able to drive properly, even in the weirdest times of night. When most people are sleeping on their comfy beds, I am able to drive through the lonely roads. I am happy that me and my family have added another safety feature to our vehicle. You can also do this if you like the device. For detailed information on how this anti sleep alarm operates, read the expert report Anti Sleep Pilot Alerts Fatigued Drivers


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