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Buying A Dream Car: Things To Consider

Updated on October 11, 2015

What is your dream car?

Live your dream!
Live your dream! | Source

We all have cars which we hope that one day we will own. Choices are as different as chalk and as cheese. We do consider different things. There are those who consider fuel efficiency, there are who consider speed. The bad news is that you may save huge amounts of money or obtain a loan only to get a machine that does not suit your purpose, lifestyle or your pocket plan. It would be good and economical if you choose the one which combines several good factors. Test driving will not give much information especially if you have no experience with automobiles. In this article, I will take you through the features of some of the world’s best automobiles.

Consider the size of your family

Venturi Fétish; Sports electric car
Venturi Fétish; Sports electric car | Source

You safety should always be guarranteed

Lightning GT
Lightning GT | Source

Things Which You Should Always Have In Your Mind

Family size and choice

Consider the number of family members who you will be transporting using the vehicle. If the number is big, you can select the one which can carry up to passengers. If the number is not big, you can select the normal one which can transport up to 5 passengers. Also, as a good family member, you should also consider the views and opinions of family members. They form a part of what really matters in your life and therefore their opinion should count always when you are planning to spend huge amounts of cash.

Safety features of the vehicle

Crash protection features

These are the features that allow a car to offer you good protection in case of an accident. They ensure that the injury levels are manageable.

Such features include;

side impact protection- side air bags

crumple zone- It absorbs crash energy

Strong dashboard

Crash avoidance features

They help the car driver avoid accident

Such features include;

Auto emergency breaking

It alerts the driver before an accident occurs so that they can apply maximum braking capacity

Intelligence speed assist

It ensures that the driver drives within the set speed limit and warn him or her when they exceed.

Active Braking system

They help you to avoid crashing by warning drivers of the possibility of crashing.

Climatic conditions of your area

Climatic conditions do vary from one place to another and just the same way animals are adapted to different weather conditions, vehicles do differently depending on the weather. You should therefore take into consideration the climate of your area. Consider things like presence of snow or extremely hot weather. Also, the type of tires which are necessary greatly depends on climate.

Front wheel drive cars are not well equipped to handle extreme weather conditions as they only rely on front wheels for handling.

Four wheel drive cars are good for snowy climates and wet surfaces

All wheel drive cars do well under extreme weather conditions meaning that they will function well when it is too hot or too cold.

Rear wheel drive cars are good for general weather conditions but do well in windy areas.

Fuel economy and your car budget

Different cars do spend fuel at different rates. There are guzzlers which are high fuel consuming cars but they do come with extra comfort. There are others which are very economical on fuel use. Choose a car depending on the budget which you plan to allocate it.There is super minis which offer you the best fuel usage per mile. Also take into consideration whether the car uses petrol or diesel and do your calculations depending on the respective prices in your country. Hybrid cars are also very efficient in fuel use.

The terrain of your area.

There are cars which will only do well in semi-desert terrain others do well in rugged. You should therefore have the condition of your terrain when choosing a car. There are those which are all terrain and do well in all terrains.

Parking space and luggage that you have to transport.

You have to consider the amount of luggage that you have to transport.

Car registration details


Check if there is any sign of previous accident


Buying a second hand car

You may not the right amount of money to buy a new car of your dream. Buying a second hand car may be one of your options. There are several things that you should always take into consideration before buying a second hand.

You have to be very keen that the car you are buying is not a stolen one. Make sure that you get one from reliable and registered second hand car dealers or a person you know. You can always ask for the registration documents. Check for any signs of forgery. V5C or a log book is one of the reliable documents which you can use to ascertain the ownership. Check for the names of the owner. Be keen so as to identify any form of error e.g. in name, car maker, engine number etc.

Make sure that the car is on a level ground while inspecting as this will help in identifying any form of abnormality on the external parts of the vehicle. Also make sure that there is adequate day light.

Check for any signs of accident. Signs of accident in car include scratches and dents on body; check whether the car has been repainted. A repainted car may have a history of accident or replaced parts. Examine the bumper and fender. Look for any signs of damage on them. Check whether the wheels of the vehicle are properly aligned and the front wheels are directly in front of the rear ones. This can give you a hint on whether the vehicle has ever crashed. There are also companies like Carfax which can help you gather essential information about the car. Check for defects like oil leak under the car bonnet

Drive testing


Test driving the car

Experts always advise on starting the car with a cold engine as it helps much in the identification abnormalities like poor starting during cold weather. Test driving a car will help you notice things like unusual sounds when you brake, abnormal engine noise. The type of exhaust emission an engine releases may give you a hint on the general condition of the engine.

Start with the steer wheel, check whether there are any signs of screeching or banging. Then check the angle of the hand brake, if it is more than 700 then the car may need service.

Make sure that you have tested the car on roads with different conditions so as to get a full report on performance. Also, make sure that you have applied all the gears so that you can identify any sign of performance anomality.


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    • SheilaPornan profile image

      Sheila Pornan 2 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      When I got my first car, I'm more into speed & exterior. Soon, we will have to get a bigger car to accommodate other family members & also suitable for rough roads. I honestly am not sure what else to look out for so I'll have this hub bookmarked. Informative. Thanks!