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Buying Gas Scooters Wisely

Updated on September 13, 2010

If you are looking for a mobile and inexpensive vehicle that has great mileage, then gas scooters may be what you need. They cost less than motorcycles, have smaller engines thus consumes less gasoline, and are more controllable due to their smaller size.

If you are searching for a mobile vehicle that you can use for weekend, city, or short-distance driving, then gas scooters may be the most cost-effective one for you. Here are some important reminders that you must keep in mind when buying one:

First you have to take into account the size of the engine of the gas scooter that you are picking from. The size of the engine determines how quick the scooter is and it differs from 50cc to 800cc. Remember that bigger engines are more costly as they are quicker so consider how you are going to use your scooter and how much power and speed are you going to need.

Furthermore, bigger engines are not as fuel-efficient as it burns more gasoline to be faster. As a result, you must contemplate about the correct balance between power and mileage when selecting gas scooters.

Gas Scooters
Gas Scooters

Next you have to know the laws in your area or place about gas scooters.

This is crucial since you do not want own a scooter that is unusable. Some laws in certain municipalities  ban the use of gas scooters on main roads that have only 30cc engine or less. In addition, in other places, there are different license requirements based on the size of the engine of the scooter. As a matter of fact, you may not even need a driver's license for gas scooters that have engines that are 50cc or less, or those that are not "street legal".

Finally, when buying gas scooters, inquire about other features that may be installed or added in it. It is possible that you may miss out on something that you like or find useful such as alloy rims, radio, anti-lock braking systems, or anti-theft alarm system. Also, do not forget to ask about the guarantees and warranties so that you'll know just what to do when something goes wrong with your new scooter.


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    • HubMania profile image

      HubMania 7 years ago from India

      Thanks for commenting here killrats!

    • killrats profile image

      killrats 7 years ago from Cape town South Africa

      Thank you for following.

      I like the idea of the gas scooter. it will just take awhile to reach our shores. I need one that is more like a trainer, three wheels,

      Like your hubs and will be following.