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Buying a Preowned Parts Washer

Updated on August 12, 2011

MAXJET Economy Parts Washer

Investing in a used parts washer

I like a bargain as well as the next guy. I have always bought preowned cars. Hey, as the saying goes, let the first owners take the big hit on depreciation.

In this depressed economy there are many businesses closing and the equipment sell off may include a parts washer. In determining the purchase of such a piece of equipment there are some obvious facts. Our buying tips will deal with pre owned aqueous jet spray washers.

  1. Unlike a used car, which parts are most likely available, you must first check if the original manufacturer is still in business. With over sixty some brands of washers available, you may find there is no longer a parts source.
  2. In the ideal situation the washer may be tested before purchase. Carefully check to see if the pump sounds smooth and is the turntable rotating.
  3. Inspect the interior of the washer. See if nozzles appear to be clogged. the piping may be also clogged with baked on build up which will severely limit cleaning. I have seen washers where the plumbing is so choked that is has to be replaced.
  4. Grasp the outer edge of the turntable and try to move it up and down to see if center bearing has excessive wear. It should not move more that a 1\8 inch.
  5. What is the age of the unit and is it reaching its life span? We estimate 15 years seems to be the average washer life.
  6. And of course, will it accommodate the majority of your cleaning needs?

If you happen upon a great value in a used unit you will most likely buy it and enjoyed the benefits of automated aqueous cleaning. . If the right preowned unit is not found, we would like the opportunity to provide you with one of our high quality washers.

Please visit our website KC Quality Systems

New Versus Used


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