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Buying a Used Corvette

Updated on February 25, 2013

2007 Corvette

Used Chevrolet Corvette
Used Chevrolet Corvette | Source

Buying a Used Corvette

Buying A Used Corvette

When a man gets in his forties to eighties, he dreams of owning a Corvette. Now that is how I feel, I am speaking to the general mass of USA American bread boys out there. There is nothing closer to our pocket book than a used Chevrolet Corvette. The new Corvette for 2014 is called a C-7 Corvette, the end of the C-6 Chevrolet Corvette. The C-6 Corvette ran from 2005 till 2013. This has been a long haul for this body style.

The appeal the Corvette has to us older boys is the sleek design and how fast it is. Its a beautiful; looking car as well. The older Corvettes are just as popular as the new ones, and they hold on to their re-sale price pretty good compared to most American automobiles. Just price you out a 2005 and you will se they hold their value from a new price for a Base Coupe for 45k brand new to a used car price of about 25k for one that has 60 thousand miles on its motor. If the body has been in shape for the life of the car and not broken, Yes broken, because we are talking fiberglass, not metal on these cars. Never buy a broken or wrecked Corvette , they never drive the same, I have been told, and I attest to this theory from wrecking one to driving it again, it does not feel safe at high speeds.

A good buy for a used Corvette would have to be from someone you know. I highly suggest this if you can find such a person. Most used Vettes have been used very hard. I have a 05 Vette and spent a good 10k in repairs to just get it to par. When I went to purchase it , all seemed ok, its what you can't see is what will kill your pocket book. You should expect to spend about 2k for 4 tires if they are going bald on you. It is not impossible to do the work yourself for most maintenance, yet keep in mind how low to the ground the car is and unless your very skinny and bony , working without a lift is near impossible.

The expense of owning a used Corvette is still cheaper than a new one. The prices I give about , is putting a Corvette back to its original shape, with brakes and general maintenance and a few parts that needed welded on. Keep in mind you are dealing with a low riding sports car and probably the person who first bought your used vette hit a few bumps going fast and screwing up not only the steering but the frame could be bent . This is very important to have a used Corvette looked at by a professional before you purchase it. I highly recommend it for the Chevrolet Corvette. It only makes sense to do this because of the power this car has at about 400H.P. and a low clearance make for more problems than you will want as I had to find out the hard way.

These are just a few buying tips before you go out and purchase a used Corvette. There are quite a few to chose from on the Internet and I highly oppose to buying this way, there is no way of checking the car out before purchase. This is what I did and I am in the hole about 15k dollars more than the sales cost of 27k for a used 2005 Corvette.I hope this will help you not make this same mistake I made when I bought my C-6 Corvette. It will save you a lot of heartache. Its really hard on the wallet and your pride. Enjoy your new Corvette or new one and buy USA.


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