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Buy the Best UTV Battery or Motorcycle Batteries

Updated on August 7, 2012

Many people don't understand the importance of buying good batteries. Inexperienced cyclists often buy the cheapest battery and simply replace them as they lose charge. While this is a feasible option for some, it isn't the best idea for avid riders. Choose a high quality UTV battery or motorcycle batteries that won't lose charge after just a few rides.

You may choose to buy your batteries online or at a local retailer. Understanding the type and size to buy is extremely important. Consider also purchasing a charger that is specifically designed to work with your unit.

Most people choose to use glass mat (or AGM) when buying a Motobatt UTV battery. A UTV is a utility terrain vehicle which is most often used in a hunting capacity. Many accommodate three passengers and are available in 4x2 or 4x2 variants.

The UTV has become one of the most popular types of sporting vehicles. The typical UTV usually has a 300cc single cylinder engine that runs on regular gasoline. Some are water cooled, and have a 4-stroke engine. UTVs start using a key, unlike a motorcycle, which starts using a kick-starter.

Motorcycles are another very popular sporting vehicle used by people who enjoy the great outdoors. Most bikes are specifically designed for a single rider. Two-stroke bikes are very commonly used among experienced or expert riders. Four-stroke bikes are generally better for inexperienced riders.

A UTV battery and motorcycle batteries are most commonly AGM. These are often referred to as maintenance-free, sealed, or gel cells. They offer a higher cranking capacity for faster, easier starts.

Factors to Consider

Size: Size does not mean the physical size in this context. The size of the battery is based upon how much amperage it provides.

Physical Characteristics: Most types are designed specifically to operate in a particular type of vehicle. Make sure the terminals are in the correct location to accommodate your vehicle.

Type: AGM. Most riders choose AGM UTV battery, and motorcycle batteries due to the ease of care.

Online or Local: Many online shops offer great deals on great products. One can find Motobatt Batteries at reputable online shops. Brand name products may be purchased in bulk much cheaper online than at your local shop. Shop around online and locally before making your purchase.

Warranty: Always purchase an AGM with a warranty.

Proper Care

Even a "maintenance-free" battery requires minimal maintenance. All units lose charge a little at a time. Most lose about 5% of their power per month, whether or not they are in use. A trickle charger will help counteract the natural drain of power.

A reliable UTV battery and motorcycle batteries are the lifeblood of any outdoor or sporting event. Power loss may aid in slow starts, the inability to crank the engine, or even the loss of the big race. Don't be caught with a low or dead battery before a big event. Many riders choose to purchase at least two batteries so they always have one in perfect health for any trip they plan.


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