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Honda Fit Cabin Air Filter

Updated on October 15, 2013

Why change the filter?

Why would you take the time to change a filter that has little to do with the engine itself? Here are a list of reasons.

  • Untraceable car odor that will not go away with upholstery cleaning or air freshners
  • As the only air inlet that removes heat, a clogged air filter will burn out your blower motor that runs the hvac system in your car. It is expensive to replace.
  • You value your health and that of your family. Cabin Air Filters can harbor bacteria and viruses from the outside air.

Buy new filter ahead of time

To save time and make things easier, purchase your filter ahead of time from amazon or your local parts store in town.

How To Remove Filter

Step 1:

  • Remove entire contents from glove box storage area, or else all the contents will soon be in the floorboard.

Step 2:

  • Push the top of the plastic glove box inward so that the rubber bumbers will come around the frame of the dash, lowering the glove box so that you can access the cabin air filter holder.

Step 3:

  • Remove the Cabin Air Filter assembly from the back of the dash by pushing the tabs INWARD towards themselves. The entire assembly easily slides out.

Step 4:

  • Push the Cabin Air Filter from the bottom, and it will pop out of the assembly itself

Step 5:

  • Replace with new Cabin Air Filter, and re-install in revere order.

Be thankful

We should all be thankful that they put Cabin Air Filters on vehicles now, because it wasn't that long ago that they didn't. As you went down the road and went through a dust storm on a farm, exhaust from semi-trucks or pollen from the change in seasons, that all used to be sucked in through your air inlet, and blown into your car. It was a real pain to keep a vehicle clean, and keep the overall smell nice. But that has changed as cars have evolved.


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