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Can you keep you & your family safe?

Updated on August 17, 2016

Prepare such a radio, always ready to protect your beloved.

The multifunctional solar hand crank radio isn't your ordinary radio. You don't actually purchase it to listen to your favorite pop music while you are trimming your hedge or listen to the golden oldies playing on your local radio station while you're working on your car in your garage. This up-to-the-minute device is both a typical radio and an emergency preparedness tool. It's built to assist you survive an emergency, and it's built to last long. It has all the features that enable you to view anything in the dark, find your bearings in case you're lost, keep your mobile phone connected and call for help.

The crank radio is basically used for two purposes - as a survival tool and for hiking expeditions. For all these applications, emergency plans are essential. If the disposable AAA batteries die, you've another way to power your radio. The working concept of a weather radio is similar to wind, water and steam turbines, except that its operation is reduced so that your hand provides the rotational force.

What distinguishes this radio from the rest of the audio devices with loudspeakers is that it can receive AM/FM/NOAA stations with outstanding clarity. It's capable of receiving all NOAA weather alert stations. Audio quality is not a priority with this weather radio. It isn't an entertainment tool - it's a survival tool. In addition, it's equipped with an effective power bank. Once fully charged, the power bank can last for hours under heavy usage.

A few rotations are enough to recharge the internal battery to its full capacity. Besides the hand crack, the manufacturer also provided 3 other ways recharge the weather radio. You can recharge it via its in-built solar panel, AAA batteries or through a USB port. The USB port is a dual-purpose one which can also be used for charging your mobile phone. The radio is also equipped with a powerful flashlight which can be adjusted to produce a narrow or wide beam of light. This powerful flashlight will enable you see anything in the dark.

Imagine this kind of situation: There is power outage in the middle of the night. Outside your house, there is a tremendous rainstorm, and the wind is blowing extremely hard that you might think your roof will detach itself from the joists and go flying above the streets like an eagle. You need to inform people of this, don't you? What if your phone's battery has died and you can't recharge it? Do you live in place prone to flooding? Is a powerful tornado coming to destroy you? Are you fighting a massive landfall caused by the recent hurricane?

With a multifunctional solar hand crank radio, you will be updated on what’s happening, an earthquake, flash flood, tornado, hurricane, or any other weather disaster that requires emergency. You can always stay updated and inform others to come for your help in case you're stranded. Additionally, you can place the multi-function switch to the SOS position, then the alarm will sound and the RED LED will flash.

If you want to include a simple weather radio into your emergency survival kit, then you should think of the multifunctional solar hand crank radio. It is affordable and receives all of the weather band channels with maximum clarity. Whether you simply want some cool music while relaxing at the beach or you're looking for a way to stay connected during a hurricane warning, a hand crank radio is a great device to have. Having one will ensure that you're never caught unprepared.


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