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Canadian Business at a loss as Government officials deny them customers

Updated on August 22, 2009


Why is the Canadian government against the building and selling Electric cars?

Is their something stopping them?

Do they have a vested interest in keeping Electric cars off the roads?

Are there politicians who have a financial interest in preventing Electric car production?

Do the Energy interests in Canada and the UnitedStates together against the Electric cars intrusion into their primary energy market,of gasoline?

Do the taxes on fuel have something to do with it?

I don't know about Canada ,but in America

Taxes on gasoline pays for the construction of all the roadways in America.


Is there a good reason to keep Electric cars built in Canada from selling it's cars in Canada?

What about America? Our industrial base has been delining for at least 30 years,probably more.We had a recession in 1979 going into the1980's ,which should have been a wake up call cocerning energy.Instead we started building SUV's ,mini-vans and forgot about the oil crisis of just a few years before.Are we crazy.I tend to think so!

Now here we are in 2009 ,and all the car manufacturers are in trouble.The Economy is worse than it ever was,and gasoline is still the major fuel source for Automobiles ,because we dropped the ball on Ethanol in the 1990's when it could have helped us get a jump on new energies for cars,without too many changes in technologies.The air and our health cetainly would have been better off,not to mention the costs we have incured as a result of waiting.all this time. We need to get more serious about newer technologies that aren't as exspensive as some would have us believe to come out of obscurity Unfortunatey for us that money has to come from loans,or investors who are unlikely to come forward.without something spectacular to invest in.Well maybe something like that will surface.


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