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Car Emergency Kits

Updated on October 8, 2010

 No one wants to be stuck on the side of the road. No one wants their car to break down in the middle of no where. And no one really wants to be stuck for more than an hour or two. But in the event that you were to break down, are you prepared? In the even that you break down at in a parking lot do you have the essentials you need? Or, if on the family vacation you get stuck in some unknown town in the middle of nowhere. Are you prepared? Help isn't always around the corner. And lets face it, cars break down. So here are some essentials it is good to have in the trunk of your car in the case of an emergency or a simple dead battery.

Jumper Cables - Batteries die. It's a fact. You forget to turn your head lights off, or even your interior lights, and the battery will die. So carry around a pair in the event that all your car needs is a jump to get it going. Or in the event that someone else might need the assistance from you.

Road Flares - It's a good idea to have these in your car emergency kit in the event that you break down in the middle of the night. Not only will it help on coming traffic see you and not hit you, it can also be of assistance when the help you called arrives so that they can find you easier!

Car Fluids - Extra bottles of oil, antifreeze, and even wiper fluid is great to have on hand just in case you should run out.

Stuff to keep you warm - If it's winter time or if you just live in a colder state, it's a good thing to keep an extra blanket or two in the trunk. Even an extra coat, mittens or hat as well.

First Aid Kit- This is essential in the case of an accident. And not all accidents occur with other vehicles. You could hit a ditch, a guard rail or a tree. So keeping your first aid kit stocked with bandages, pain meds (aspirin), and even antibiotic cream could come in handy.

Spare Tire - This is good in case of a flat. So make sure that your spare tire is inflated and that you have the necessary tools to be able to help you change it!

Tools- Such things like a screw driver, pocket knife, or even pliers are a good thing to have in the event that it is something that you can fix yourself. A flash light can come in handy as well if you are stuck at night. Fire extinguisher in the event that your car should catch fire. A shovel if you are stuck in the snow.

Emergency Snacks-Even though we have today's technology (for example the cell phone or On-Star) It's not always fool proof. Things happen. Cell phones don't always have reception. So keep some extra snacks and water in the trunk of your car in the event that you can't make the call for help and you might be stuck for a little while.

Also to be sure when making your car emergency kit to include things like your up to date insurance cards and your vehicle registration.


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