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HID Conversion Kits

Updated on April 25, 2015

The HID conversion kits that are accessible in market today allow you to use headlights that are much more competent than the halogen lights we frequently see.

These headlight kit change the appearance of your vehicle, you can augment visibility and make your vehicle by upgrading to HID conversion kits. The installation is really very simple and all the wiring, connecters, bulbs and mounting is included in each kit.


Types of HID kits

There are four types of Hid kits available in market.

  • Single beam kit is available with the pair of HID ballast and four bulbs. Generally the sizes of bulbs are 9005, 9006, 9004-1, H1, H3, H4-1, H7 etc.

  • Another type is Telescope kit which can switch among low and high beam, available with two HID ballast. Sizes of Bulb are 9004-2, 9007-2 and H4-2.

  • In third type of kit, referred as High-low beam kit, there are two pairs of HID bulbs and HID ballasts. Common size of bulbs are 9004-2, 9007-2 and H4-2.

  • The sizes of bulbs for Bi-Xenon kit are 9007-4, 9004-4, H4-4. Two HID bulbs work for low and high beam. These Car HID kits are specially designed to give extra and long lasting light than other kits.

HID kits can be different in color.

An individual HID conversion kit will let you stand out in the midst of the thousands of other vehicles on the road. Car HID kits can be different in color, depending on how intense or which color you want.

  • The lowest is 3000k, which produces a yellow beam.
  • 4300k gives a pure white.
  • 6000k gives a light blue.
  • 8000k a deep blue
  • 10000k gives a bright purple.
  • The 12000k gives purple.

The 12000k purple HID conversion kits are in reality not as bright as the 4300k car HID kits. If you want looks, consider 8000k or 12000k. If you are looking for balance between brightness and color, then you should go for 4300-6000k.


How it works ?

As an alternative of using filaments in cased in quartz which is filled with halogen gases, HID conversion kit, uses gas that act in response to the electricity that is pulled into them in to generate an arc. Then this arc created by the HID conversion kit is generally three to five times brighter than the normally used halogen lights.

It uses less energy than the halogen lights and it lasts longer, but only if it’s installed correctly. In all the HID conversion kits there are ballasts which change your 55w electricity and decreases it to 35w, which places less strain on your systems.

As their installation is exceptionally easy, HID conversion kits are alternate to existing headlight bulb. The starter collect signal from vehicle and send that to ballast rapidly. Then the ballast strengthens the signal and sends it to bulb, which then generates the light. When bulb gets amplified signal from the ballast, it kindles the gases available in bulbs to create light output.

The color differs according to the color temperature of kit.Blue and white headlights are more beautiful and popular than others. They add a class to your cars.


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