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3 Car Insurance Mistakes that could Cost You

Updated on September 6, 2012

Cars are indispensable. We like them. We love them. And we need them. But there's one thing a car owner would not like to admit about their car--paying premium insurance.

For most car owners, their expenses goes into their car. It becomes a burden and a hassle, especially when rising rates is unavoidable and it increases the price of premium insurance. The increase of premium is something that most car owners cannot avoid. A simple errors on the car owners part lead to major expense, which likely to happen most of the time. Here's lists of mistakes most car-owners commit that made them pay high insurance.

1. Failure to shop around and compared insurance companies.

Many people don't like to shop around because it's a hassle and takes a lot of their time. But you know what? That's the first mistake people made. When shopping for car insurance, it's a good thing that you have something to compare. There are companies that offer good customer services but in a higher price and some companies may be offered discount prices for insurance but lousy services. But you have the last draw to make decisions. Find car insurance company that gives you a balance of two; a reasonable price with a quality service.

2. Didn't avail the advantage of multi-policy discounts.

Insurance companies has always something to sell their insurance. They make ways of how to attract car owners to buy insurance. That's why they offered discounts. Most insurance companies offer multi-policy discount like your home and auto insurance included. Other companies offer includes installing alarm system, adding storm proof shutters and a lot more. Although, it varies from companies to companies, it is always wise to take the advantage of multiple discounts. It will save you a lot of money.

3. You Always get a traffic tickets

Traffic tickets are pain in your pocket. If it pile up everyday, one thing for sure-- you will be paying higher insurance rates. If you keep on piling traffic tickets on your desk, expect that your insurance will increase. Remember that it takes three years to removed that violation from your record. So make sure that if you drive while the red light is on, the police officer is right on your back, tailing at you and will give you tickets. Parking tickets are the major problem of drivers in Toronto, especially downtown. If you park parallel to the curve, make sure that the police officer won't see it.

These common mistakes car owner made may be avoided if they know it in the first place. Since car insurance isn't something people buy everyday, many people are not familiar with the process on how it goes. But if car owners are wise enough to shop, to investigate and do a little research, these kind of mistakes may be avoided.


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