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Car Insurance and Classic Cars

Updated on April 10, 2011

Insurance Car

I am writing this hub to help anybody who is thinking of purchasing a classic car and want to do it on a budget. This can be done if you are looking for a reasonably priced classic and you have done your research, I just want to add a few things that I think might be of use and tell my story. For most people who can afford a classic car is a luxury and they don't have to worry about cheap car insurance.

I bought an MGB GT 2 years ago privately and it cost me £700. It is Vermillion in colour and I bought it around March time which is when sellers know they can get a good price for one of these cars. This is because they know people want it to drive in the summer with the roof down, however if you have been dreaming of restoring one, you could try and haggle with a desperate seller who just wants rid of it in the winter months.

I began by asking my original car insurance, which is your basic high street insurance. They already handled my day car insurance for the car I use for commuting back and forth to work. I thought that because I would have two cars with them that I would get some kind of discount, don't let them fool you!. My commuting car was a 1.4 engine and the Classic was a 1.8, they convinced me that by paying the same price I pay for the 1.4 I was getting a good deal.

I had already seen adverts for specialist classic car insurance in magazines that I bought, but I did'nt know how reputable they were.

Where to look for Insurance for Car

Rather than go to a search engine to to search for and compare car insurance, you've obviously heard about the specialist sites which give you car insurance quotes. Go to one of these straight away and you will find they have classic car insurance included in their results. You have to fill out your details in the form provided on screen and then choose the car insurance quote which best matches your needs.

I was shocked to notice at least two specialist insurers which I had seen in the magazines i read and this ensured me that I would be investing in a good service. I selected the cheapest car insurance and it redirected me to that insurers website. You can arrange your car insurance online by entering your bank details or by credit card.

I entered my specifications as follows:

Type of Cover: Third Party Fire & Theft       No. of Drivers: Proposer only

No claims bonus: None            Use of vehicle: Social including commuting to single place of work

Total Annual Milage: 1000 miles        Voluntary excess: £250

Parked overnight: In a locked garage     

With no motoring convictions in previous 5 years and no accidents.

I was quoted only £128 annually of which £28 was taken as my sign up fee. I am now paying £10 monthly, thats £30 cheaper than my highstreet car insurance comparison and £300 overall.. Considering I am 26 and have my car insurance young, it is a great deal on a 1.8 engine which is fast.

Thanks to comparison websites for car insurance uk I can now enjoy day trips to the beach and not worry about breaking the bank. As you can see in the photo above my wife is a lot happier(not really my photo), but there are so many other benefits from searching online. These include optional add-ons such as breakdown cover for only £30 extra, European Breakdown cover for another £10 extra and they will even put you up in a motel if you break down for a fee.

You can live that dream and all the social benefits that come with it, such as the women pictured in the advert!


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