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Car Safety Technology: MPFI | EPS | BHP | ABS | 2WD | Engine Braking | Jump Start

Updated on May 15, 2011

MPFI: Is used in cars for better mileage and quick response and refers to multi point fuel injection. Old cars had carb engines but most new cars have FI technology.

EPS: Is a technology that helps us to rotate the steering wheel very easily, also called as power steering. The trick behind this is that a motor is connected to the steering junction point which revolves when you also rotate the steering, so that you don’t have to put extra force.

Power Assisted Brakes: Are special kind of brakes for quicker brake response. These brakes use a regenerative method to reproduce power again after deceleration.

BHP: Is sometimes mistaken with car’s HP but rather this is the power available at car’s tire to pull the vehicle, technically called as brake horse power.

ECU: Is a pack of electronic circuits, also called as electronic control unit. This is almost like a brain of the car’s engine which controls amount of fuel plus air mixture, valve opening and closing, fuel jet controller, and also iCATS security system in cars controlled with ECU.

Car engine pic
Car engine pic | Source

ABS: Helps in retaining driving control while slippage of vehicle on road. Currently ABS is installed on some top-end vehicles in India and is meant basically for safety purposes. The main aim of anti lock braking system is to prevent the wheel lockup and retain back the brake so that the car would not slip and driver never lose control of the vehicle.

Catalytic Converter: Turns the exhaust fumes into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water thereby suppressing the harmful pollutants into atmosphere, so you can sometimes see that your car’s exhaust will be oozing out water droplets.

2WD: Most of the cars in the world are two-wheel driven which means either front two wheels or rear two wheels will have power while driving and other two wheels will generally follow them. WagonR is FWD which means front wheel driven car. Some SUV's and racing models are 4WD which means four wheel driven automotives.

Engine Braking: Is not usually heard big in petrol engines, to be specific engine braking is like you are driving your car on a highway, you never hold the throttle for long time right so you must leave it for a while so when you leave the throttle, the engine gets less air for combustion and petrol will be burning as usual, so now engine works without air (specifically against air) making the car decelerate to low power that’s why you will need to accelerate frequently. That’s why it is called “Engine braking” as engine is itself stopping the car from moving forward.

When your car’s battery is fully drained or starter motor is damaged and you are not able to start the car, then below are two methods to do it:

Jump Start: Get another battery and connect its +ve to your car’s battery +ve and -ve to your car’s bonnet or somewhere else. Never connect battery in parallel.. Now, you can start your car with the aid of other battery. (This method is applicable if your starter is working)

Push Start: (Not recommended for MPFI engines) Put your gear in second position and get someone to push your car hard and suddenly leave your clutch and then immediately retaining it back and now pump in your accelerator to start your car (this is recommended when your battery and starter motor is not working).


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    • soni2006 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rajinder Soni 

      7 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Thank you so much Ancillotti.

    • Ancillotti profile image


      7 years ago from Brasil, Vitoria - ES

      Once more time, thanks for tips about cars. It's very important for me. Voted up and useful. Cheers!


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