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Car Show Pictures 2

Updated on September 23, 2013

Classic Car Show Okotoks Alberta

What makes you want to keep going back to the classic car shows? Is it the love of cars in general, is it a bit of nostalgia, is it the flowing lines of the yesteryear automobile? Maybe you're just a person who loves all that is automobile, memories of another time and way of life or just a hankering for the stories from the people that grew up with the classic cars?

The old classics keep us mesmerized with their tantalizing curves, glossy paint jobs, the muscle power under the hood and those fabulous fins. Some of us may simply long for the old family road trips, cruising down main street , the nearly nonexistent drive-in movie theaters and a bit of good old fashioned back-seat romance.

I thought I would put up a few more pictures from the car shows that go on in Okotoks Alberta. I'm not a know it all when it comes to classic cars or any other type of car as a matter of fact, I only put up what I think looks pretty and/or pretty unusual. I seem to end up at the car show every year just for a look around and to take a few pictures of the vintage and some not so vintage automobiles.

I have found you a few of my favorite pictures from some of the car shows I have went to in Okotoks Alberta, in case I have not mentioned it enough it is called the Olde Towne Okotoks Show and Shine.

Beautiful Car in the spotlight

The Okotoks Kinsmen Show and Shinehas already taken place in Okotoks AB this year on June 5, 2011. Be sure to catch the yearly classics show coming up this summer.

As to the car at the right, just above the pickup truck, I call it a classic red beauty in mint condition with a fabulous paint job, I'll bet the person who owns it knows exactly what it is and would be more than happy to tell me.

I've taken a few photos while out and about in Okotoks Alberta and have an inkling to share some of them with you. Some are not even pictures of classic cars, even have a photo or two of when the snowbirds flew over Okotoks in 2010 at the start of the Calgary Stampede.

Okotoks is a town of over 20,000, just 20 minutes or so south of Calgary, Alberta; so if you like what's available to a person when you're in a larger city it's not too far of a drive. Housing is average priced, can get a decent home around $350,000 with a garage and a couple of washrooms. But, that's all you get - a garage and 2 washrooms, kidding you get the rest of the house most of the time too.

Okotoks has recently had the addition of several stores like Costco, Michael's and Winners just to name a few. So if you do need to shop for a few things and don't want to go into the big city, Okotoks might be worth a stop for your shopping needs.

Better yet, if you have a classic and would like to enter it into the Okotoks car show, come on down, it's easy to enter and to tell the truth Okotoks has more than one car show a year. I have more info on my initial car show hub.

Or if you just want to show off your car without entering it into anything make sure you check out when the next show and shine is and put in an appearance. If you are a motorcycle fan, once in a while you will see a few custom cycles down at the shows, no guarantees by me but as you can see I did get in a couple of photos. I personally like the colours they have chosen for these cycles, I'm sure they put in a lot of time and hard work to get these cycles to where they are today.

Whether you're a car buff or just like a little bit of scenery during the summer months, plan ahead, find out what's going on and maybe we'll see you in Okotoks. Come for the car show, stay for the more relaxed pace of life.

If you're from Okotoks and have a show quality car and would like to see a picture of it here please drop me a line and it could be arranged. Please keep in mind some of these photos have been touched up so what you see may be more vivid than reality.

Jan 2, 2012; I have added some different pictures to this Okotoks car show hub and also a video. Unfortunately I have not looked at this Hub in awhile and I thought there was already a video in it, I hope this makes the pictures more interesting for you.

Okotoks Alberta Show and Shine

Canadian Snowbirds Over Okotoks Alberta

Have to love the Canadian Snowbirds
Have to love the Canadian Snowbirds

Where is Okotoks?


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    • profile image

      Revo Remapping 6 years ago

      Love the hub and the photo's. I am massive fan of anything classic so to see these cars and motorbike pictures is a real pleasure