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Car Stereo Reviews 2015

Updated on February 7, 2015

In car stereo reviews 2015 I will look at what makes a good car stereo and then I will shortly review my top car stereo picks for 2015.

What makes a good stereo?

  1. Easy interface on head unit: This is the bit of the stereo that you use to control it. I would recommend staying away from overly complicated head units.
  2. External devices support: These are devices like Ipods,Iphone, MP3 players or Blue Tooth devices that can be connected and used with certain stereos.
  3. USB port: This allows you to connect a memory stick or portable drive to your stereo and play MP3s from it.

Other than the features I mention above there are also some optional features you might want to look for like satellite radio, a video screen, real-time traffic information via XM radio or DVD playing capacity.

On many of the head units you will see it says MP3, WMA. These refer to the 2 most popular music file formats supported by the devices. MP3 is a compressed format while WMA is not.

Best premium car stereo 2015
Best premium car stereo 2015

Pioneer DEH-6300UB CD Receiver with iPod/iPhone Control

This unit uses the Pioneer MOSFET50 chip which delivers noticeable power and purity of sound. Its bright organic EL display makes status and function easy to read, even in sunlight. Also included are the Supertuner III and the unit is XM Radio ready. The bright Organic EL display lets you easily read functions and status, even in sunlight. For the HIFI buff there maybe one or two criticisms but if you just want to listen and watch CDs and DVDs this unit compares very well.

Pioneer has a reputation for innovation in the car stereo market. One of their breakthroughs which is used in the DEH-6300UB is a powerful, easy to use, audio equalization circuit used for adjustment in sound, Pioneer calls it Easy EQ.

The convenience of the set in EQ allows for easy adjustment from low to high bass, treble or a combination. Two custom EQs can be set to suit but it’s quite simple, not needing any ‘high tech’ knowledge. If needed there is also a remote control.

The settings are not totally intuitive so read the manual fully to fully exploit the features. Do not try to change the settings while driving.

Overall it’s a good unit with menus easy to navigate and the options really useful for great sound mix although bass can be quite heavy. It is a great receiver for just about any application.

Pioneer has always had an excellent value for money brand and performance image. The Pioneer DEH-P6300 is no exception to this.

Car stereos review 2015
Car stereos review 2015

Sony CDXGT350MP MP3/WMA/CD Receiver

The Xplod Sony-CDXGT350MP-MP3-WMA-Receiver stereo plays MP3/WMA files recorded on CD or portable music players. These input units must be connected through the AUX input on the front of the CDXG. Initially delivered with 52 watts x 4 high power, there is room to expand the output preamplifier. The unit is iPod, satellite and HD radio ready.

Ease of reading the display is helped by an one line LCD; showing clock, station ID and track information while playing MP3/WMA files via the internal digital CD.

Virtually any portable device may be connected through AUX inputs on the front.

As well as MP3 and WMA files the CDXGT350MP plays CD, CD-Rs and CD-RWs and offers a comprehensive list of features for a unit in this competitive price range. – And it has the Sony name behind it.

Sony was one of the leading pioneers of sound engineering. For better car audio they designed the Dynamic Reality Amp backed up with true Fidelity Sound Construction for deep bass output and strong clean power.

Sony knows a thing or two about sound engineering. They designed the Dynamic Reality Amp to produce more realistic sound staging in your car, and then backed it up with True Fidelity Sound Construction, which combines a heavy-duty capacitor with an advanced amp design for improved deep bass output and strong, clean sound.

Kenwood KDC-MP145 In-Dash CD/MP3/WMA Receiver with Aux Input

The Kenwood KDC-MP-145 is a quick and convenient way to add MP3/WMA listening features to you car.

The Kenwood KDC-MP145 also allows frontal plug in for other portable devices. It is a competitively priced unit designed with ease of use in mind for those who want good sound delivery of digital files; data disc; AM/FM radio; preamp output for expansion.

What do you get for a budget price?

  • There is a one line, easy to read 11 digit fluorescent display with front panel AUX for portable devices and a removable face plate to deter theft.
  • The Inbuilt AM/FM radio allows you to preset you favorite radio stations for additional listening options.
  • There are five factory presets for Rock, Top40; Popular; Jazz; Easy; plus a flat setting. There is also a facility for experimenting with extreme sound shaping to give more clarity and presence.

For reliable quality listening with some interesting preset and configurable options at a value for money price the Kenwood KDC-MP-145 should be on your shortlist for selection.

I hope you found car stereo reviews 2015 informative. You might also like to read car GPS reviews 2015 and radar detector reviews 2015.


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