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Car Vacuum Plugs In To Cigarette Lighter

Updated on August 13, 2011

Car Vacuum - A Personal Quest....

I am writing this article as part of my personal quest to find the perfect car vacuum cleaner, to tackle the never-ending mess that is my car's interior.

A handheld cordless vacuum is a great idea, but it can be a nuisance having to keep it plugged in so it will be charged up and ready to go whenever I need it. Also I don't have space in my compact kitchen to have a handheld cleaner hanging on the wall.

So I've been searching for a small vacuum cleaner I can keep stored away, then plug in to the car's cigarette lighter port.

Vacuum Cleaners That Plug In To Car Cigarette Lighter

Cleaner Features

To the right you can see a selection of car vacuum cleaners with cigarette lighter power adapters, all available to buy online, with their current prices.

The biggest positive about a plug in cleaner is that its suction remains at a continuous strength, since there is no fade in power as there can be with the rechargeable cordless models.

But the downside is that these cleaners are not as powerful as the models that plug in to a regular wall socket.

When choosing your model, check the length of the power cable to make sure it is suitable for the size of your vehicle.

Also take a look at the shape of the nozzle. Some of them are quite wide which will make it tricky to clean in all the little crevices and corners that dirt hides in.

Reading customer reviews is a great source of information. Honest opinions will let you see the positive and negatives of each model. But take care to note what each customer's needs were. For example, if a customer is unhappy with a cleaner's ability to pick up pet fur - this may be of no matter to you if you don't have pets that you transport in your car.

While on the subject of pet fur, it is worth noting that many cordless and plug in handheld cleaners struggle to suck up pet hair. You may find it better to use a handheld for light cleaning and then do a deep clean with your regular vacuum to remove the fur.

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