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Xenon Bulbs

Updated on April 24, 2015

Xenon bulbs are headlight bulbs that are featured on many of today's luxury and high performance cars, also accurately known as Xenon High Intensity Discharge bulbs go without the filament and make use of only xenon gas.

How Xenon bulb works ?

An electrical current is channeled, through the gas in an arc and the consequential result sends electrons bouncing up and down levels in the course of the xenon atoms, generating light. Then the ballast is used to make sure the accurate current is maintained in the bulb. These Xenon bulbs are a latest creation associated with quite a lot of profit. They last longer than the usual halogen bulbs.

Though halogen is reliable, bulb uses a fiber that will ultimately burn out, while xenon headlight bulbs employ electricity and gas only, letting them to last two or three times as long.


Why we use Xenon bulbs?

  • The beam formed by the xenon effect is also measured bright than a similar halogen light, using a wider area of the light spectrum for a whiter light. If you are frequently going out for a lengthy journey at night, then you know for sure how tough it is to see the road correctly at night time. Halogen headlights are competent to produce adequate light to help you to notice the way undoubtedly. These xenon bulbs also utilize smaller amount of energy than a halogen equivalent.
  • These Xenon headlight bulbs are being used in production of headlights, because of their greater efficiency. These bulbs use a completely different system that acquires more space than the halogen bulbs.
  • Low voltage xenon bulbs last up to 20,000 hours. Compare the long life of them to halogen light bulbs, generally rated for 2,000 hours.
  • They are economical and convenient, also useful in fittings that are complicated to get to or rigid to alter. Low voltage xenon bulbs are enormous alternatives to halogen headlight bulbs for approximately all the applications. Most of the halogen bulbs may be replaced with these bulbs.
  • It last longer and burn brighter than most other bulbs.
  • If you handle halogen light bulbs with naked hands, it will lessen its life but low voltage xenon light bulbs can be handled with exposed hands. You never have to wear any gloves or to use any paper or cloth to change your xenon bulbs.
  • Moreover these are less likely to burn out when open to the unbalanced voltage and this makes them well suited to applications where vehicles are disreputable for irregular voltage.

Types of Xenon bulbs:

These low voltage xenon headlight bulbs are available in a number of base types, including festoon, wedge, rigid loop and others.

xenon light bulbs wedge
xenon light bulbs wedge | Source
xenon light bulbs rigid
xenon light bulbs rigid | Source

Generally the xenon bulbs discharges a white light but as the light is refracted in the region of the metallic reflector and the glass lens, it changes color to provide the notion of blue xenon light. It is also possible to acquire a parallel HID blue xenon light consequence; even if your vehicle does not have HID lights fixed as standard, by reinstating your existing halogen bulbs with the latest xenon tinted blue bulbs.

Xenon Vs Halogen


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