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Caravan and Motorhome Batteries

Updated on February 5, 2015

12v AGM Deep Cycle Battery

12v  Deep Cycle AGM battery.
12v Deep Cycle AGM battery.

Caravan Batteries

The battery in our caravan died recently, so we decided to replace it with a 12v Deep Cycle AGM battery. These batteries are specifically designed for RV, caravan and camping use. They are a low maintenance battery that is easy to connect to your existing 12v caravan, camper or RV system.

To get the maximum potential life span from your new battery, it is recommended that the battery is discharged to no more than 80%. That is to say, the battery will still have 20% charge in it when it is time to recharge it.

We bought a solar panel to use in conjunction with our new battery, so that we are able to extend the time we stay at free campsites, or more remote locations.

The battery we decided on is a 95Ah (amp hour) battery, and we matched it to a 100W (watt) portable folding solar panel for camping and caravanning. The experts say you should try to match the Ah of the battery, as closely as you can to the W of the solar panel. So in our case, we chose a 95Ah battery and 100W solar panel.

How to Fit A New Caravan/RV Battery

Apart from the fact that batteries are notoriously heavy, they are otherwise easy to fit. I enlisted the help of my wonderful son-in-law to do the job for me as I have a dodgy back.

It is very important that the red cable/terminal does not touch the black cable/terminal. It is equally important that the red cable/terminal does not touch the -(negative) post on the battery, nor the black cable/terminal touch the +(positive) post on the battery.

Always remember: Red is +(positive) and Black is - (negative). Keep them apart at all times and you will be fine.

Also remember to be careful with your tools, you do not want your shifter/screwdriver or other tools, to come in contact with the + and - posts on the battery at the same time.

Firstly you need to remove the old battery. To do this simply loosen the terminals where they connect to the battery and lift them off.

Lift the new battery into place, and connect the terminals to the battery post. Taking care to attach the red terminal to the battery post marked +, and the black terminal to the battery post marked -

Fitting a New Battery

Connecting the terminals

100W Portable Folding Solar Panel

100W Portable Folding Solar Panel
100W Portable Folding Solar Panel

How Long Does The Battery Last?

It is difficult to say how long your battery charge will last because it depends on what you are running. If you have a 12v fridge, a couple of lights, a fan, a TV, and a laptop, you will need to be charging up every day.

However we only need to run a small TV, 1 light and a laptop for a couple of hours a day, so we find that we only need to recharge the battery using the solar panel, every second day.

100W Solar Panel for Camping and Caravanning

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