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Changing a peugeot battery

Updated on July 31, 2012


 Changing a peugeot battery is a very simple task that can be achieved by those even with a basic knowledge of cars.

There are just a few golden rules one must observe when attemting to fit the battery themselves if these are observed then you can save yourself the fees that most garages will charge for there labour.


You will only need a few basic tools, ones you should have at home.

Firstly you will need an 8 and 10mm spanner (Peugeot like to keep changing the size )then you will need a ratchet,extension and a 10 and 13 mm socket.

On earlier models such as 90-96 you may need a pair of grips to remove the threaded cap on the positive terminal. 

Thats it. 


When disconnecting the battery there are a couple of things you need to know.

1:Do you know your radio code If you have a Peugeot radio fitted it will most likely need a code when you reconnect the battery,if not written down somewhere or not traceable through the previous owner then Peugeot can obtain it for you but be warned it will cost you £20.

2:When you have exited the vehicle take the key out shut the doors and wait for 4-5 mins before disconnecting the battery as this gives the BSI (A type of computer) time to shut down.

3:Positive terminal off last then positive terminal on first



There may be on some late vehicles a battery cover,remove this by undoing your terminals then making sure anything that is clipped to the battery cover is removed and it should simply pull off.Once the cover and terminals are off there should be a bolt and plate holding the battery in place,it will be located on the left hand side of the battery as you look at it,this will need the ratchet and extension and the 10mm or 13mm.Once this is removed the battery can come out.Once out the new battery may have some coloured plastic caps on the terminals make sure you remove these. 

Buying a battery

When buying a battery it is always best to buy it from your peugeot dealer but if you dont then make sure it is the same ampage and size,if the size is not the same then you may not be able to fit it correctly. 


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