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Checklist while taking delivery of your new car

Updated on November 11, 2009

Check list while taking car delivery

Congratulations on becoming a proud owner of a great car.

A product on which you must have done lots of research and finally decided inspite of all the confusion that you must have come across during the process of buying.

Now you have booked and made payment for your sweet dream car and awaiting anxiously it's delivery to you.

Don't be in a great hurry , try to note the following checklist to be done before you take the delivery.

Please note that you are just another customer buying one more car in this world. You are not "The Customer" buying "A car". Better be a decent , calm and practical proud owner of a new car rather than an arrogant person giving more importance to his car than the human beings who will be delivering the car. Be demanding - but don't be unreasonable. It's common for any brand car to come with some minor issues like speedometer not working because the wires are not socketed properly. Just point the issue to delivery personal and give them time to fix it. As simple as that , no need to get upset and spoil your day apart from others.

  1. If you beleive in our age old customs , do call up the show-room and make sure that your delivery is scheduled on a good day, not during the rahu-kaalam
  2. Plan the delivery in broad daylight (if possible in the early hours of the business day). Why the early hours ?. It will be easy to recognize any kind of unwanted things like scratches in your car in broad daylight than in the evening. If any minor issues need to be fixed, the show-room guys will have ample time to fix and make it ready again for your tests.
  3. During the early hours the delivery staff will be fresh and will be ever attentive till you take the delivery of the vehicle.
  4. Delivery of car is not complete until you sign the delivery document and fill-up the customer feed-back form. So don't ever sign any of these two documents before you are really really satisfied with the car being delivered to you.
  5. Two eyes is too less to look for all detail. More so when those two eyes are that of exited would be owner. So request some of your friends to come along with you when you take the delivery. They need not be experts in the science of car, all they need to have is a good eye for detail.
  6. Ask the sales man / woman to demonstrate each and every aspect of your new car and request them to show them in working condition.


  1. All four doors opening & closing fine Yes / No
  2. Rear door opening & closing fine
  3. Front bonnet opening & closing fine
  4. Sit in driver seat. Are there three pedals ;-)
  5. Condition and adustability of rear view mirrors
  6. Headlight working - respective indicator blinks in the instrumental panel
  7. dip and dim - respective indicator in the instrumental panel
  8. Left indicator - respective indicator in the instrumental panel
  9. Right indicator - respective indicator in the instrumental panel
  10. front fog lamps - respective indicator in the instrumental panel
  11. back fog lamps - respective indicator in the instrumental panel
  12. Audio system works fine with CD , USB , Radio and Bluetooth
  13. Central Lockinng
  14. Child Locking
  15. Front seat stretches completely
  16. Rear Seat Folding
  17. Front and Rear Seat Belts
  18. Car mobile charger works fine
  19. AC works fine
  20. Heater works fine
  21. Front wind-screen wiper works fine at different speeds ( when you turn off the wiper , irrespective of the wiper's the position, it should go all the way down and then stop. If it stops halfway through on the wind-screen , then it needs to be fixed )
  22. Rear wiper works fine
  23. Water spray on front and rear wind-screens along with wiping.
  24. Search for scratch marks on the car
  25. Lumbar support works
  26. Power Windows.

Now .... it's time to zip through and test the wheels.

Make sure no radio / songs are playing and the fellow next to you not talking.

  1.  Speedometer works fine
  2. Tachometer works fine
  3. Oil indicator works fine
  4. Check for engine noice levels with windows closed and windows open.
  5. How does the steering work - is it smooth. Does it make any noices.

This might not be an extensive list. But this should give you a good idea on what all to look after while receiving your brand new car.

Happy driving. :-)



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      Thank you for the tips this was very helpful.

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    • profile image

      abhishek 7 years ago

      thanx for this checklist,now i know wht all to look at while taking delievery of my new can possibly also incl the documentation part to be checked in this.thanx.