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Chevrolet Aveo Pictures

Updated on September 4, 2011
Blue Chevy Aveo
Blue Chevy Aveo

 Chevrolet Aveo had a bad reputation for its cheap and ugly design, but GM has turned things around with the new version. Aveo is now a muscular 5-door hatchback gives excellent fuel efficiency at 40 mpg. Designers of this car put on 19-inch tires and a spoiler for a tougher look. It has a 138 horsepower, 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Aveo has seating for five and ample cargo space as you can see from these Chevrolet Aveo Pictures.


Chevrolet Aveo Specifications and car review

The base is competitive with other cars in this category of subcompact cars like the Honda Fit, around $15,000. Some people consider an Chevy Aveo as a second car because it's sporty and has an aggressive-looking front. The front-wheel drive Aveo and Aveo 5 are available in three trims. The LS comes standard with power steering, 14-inch wheels, front cloth bucket seats and an AM/FM radio. The 1LT trim adds carpeted front and rear floor mats, air conditioning and a CD player. The 2LT trim gets even more like 15-inch wheels, satellite radio, cruise control, and power mirrors, windows and door locks with remote keyless entry. I hope these exterior and interior pictures of Chevy Aveo car and the review help make your decision easier this year as you shop for your dream car that fits in your budget. Do not forget to post your thoughts in the comment section given below.

Chevrolet Aveo Pictures

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 These days, people prefer small, fuel-efficient cars  due to higher prices at the gas stations and various other reasons to be thrifty. Chevrolet Aveo serves the needs of those people by offering great features and a great tough look in these Chevy Aveo Pictures. It is an inexpensive small car that sacrifice little in terms of features or comfort, but gives bang for the buck. People who are young or looking to buy first car, see Chevrolet Aveo as a great option as the Aveo comes equipped with youth-oriented features such as an MP3-enabled audio system, faux carbon-fiber trim and bright color choices.

The Chevy Aveo is available as a subcompact sedan or four-door hatchback called the Aveo5. There are 3 trim levels available to select Special Value, LS and LT. The strong pluses for the Chevy Aveo are - low price, ample headroom and logical control layout and features targetted for the youth. Minuses can be the average acceleration and a mediocre gearshifter.

More Chevy Aveo Photos

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