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Chevrolet Changes Up its Traverse for 2013

Updated on May 8, 2013

Chevrolet Traverse 2013

Chevrolet Traverse 2013
Chevrolet Traverse 2013

Yeah! I am serious ...

It’s not a bus…and we will not continue the Superman litany to try to explain it. The automobile in question is the 8-seater 2103 Chevy Traverse. The follow-up to the original Traverse of four years ago is making a showing in April at the 2012 New York Car Show and will be hitting car dealers after that, later in the year. The 2013 model has gone a “superman”ish-like conversion where it does not resemble its original predecessor.

What's New?

One of the bigger changes for the Traverse is within the interior design of the vehicle. The soft approach has been introduced on almost every surface area, from where you sit to where your hand may have some contact. Leather coverings and cloth are adapted to practically area of the interior. Even the chrome trim gives the feel of comfort and luxury.

All-black, black and gray or dark grey are the color choices for the inside ride, as well as a choice of ambient blue lighting to bask in. The interior of before, cold and plastic, has given way to a more tender approach of comfort.

You Want Innovation in Action?

Kid-friendly is not just a phrase, as the sliding access door allows ease of movement within the automobile. The three-row pattern gives room for seat removal if space for luggage or other items is needed. With the cup-holder placement around the cabin, there is no excuse for a child to say he says no where to rest his drink.

More Goodies?

Other niceties, and standard, for the 2013 Traverse are rear view cameras for backing-up safety and the Onstar system. A touch screen radio is also part of the package. If you want the Mylink infotainment system, your local Chevy car dealer can get that added on as an n option. Chevrolet has not forgotten to make this people carrier a convenient ride.


One thing that has not changed is the power. Still in the line-up is the V6, 3.6 liter engine with a 288 h.p. and 270 torque ability. Using regular octane, the delivery of gasoline is a direct-injection flow within. The transmission is a six-speed automatic at the current time.


With the current view of gas prices beginning to hedge their way up, automobiles that allow for more passenger room should become a popular show at many car dealerships. The trend towards vehicles that allows for more efficiency, in fuel consumption and practical application, is a major mindset with consumers these days. This will carry through in its 17/24 mpg rating of its current design.

Price Tag

The pricing for the 2013 Chevy Traverse has not been finalized at this posting, but is currently trending at about 32,000. As the year moves closer to the release date of the Traverse, the pricing structure should become more established.

Bottom Line

The Traverse is a statement of practicality that many people are looking for these days. Chevrolet sees that its consumers want a vehicle that battles for their pocket-book and allows them more opportunity for the whole family. .


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