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Chevrolet Colorado high nation: initiation of true love

Updated on March 20, 2016

Colorado high country is how the agency can exhibit their persona and no person else, simply as no baby wishes to share his toys at all.

Referring to pickup, that individuals consider even to two landmarks with the high-quality automobiles: one is the state of Texas in the united states, and second is Thai nation - areas the output and consumption of cars offered load up about 2/three of the worldwide figure. While the "land of the cowboy," fashionable mid-dimension cars or gigantic-dimension pickups like the Ford F-series, stay away from Ram, Chevrolet Silverado is in "Temple of the Golden nation", we are able to stumble upon the sample size pickup small 1 ton jogging abound, all are very acquainted names such as Toyota Hilux with Vietnam, Isuzu D-Max, Ford Ranger and so on .. Of direction, it is vitally incorrect if we ignore the title Chevrolet Colorado, since this automobile is closely "predestined" to the nation of Thailand given that he was within the "infancy".

To get to Vietnamese buyers, Colorado has come a ways ...

Chevrolet Colorado: American manufacturer, developed in Brazil, produced in Thailand
leisure certain that you just didn't learn the title unsuitable and don't attempt to search on the phrase "Korea" listed here, by the procedure of automobile progress on account that its establishment Colorado venture except the final product are not any hold a contact with the "ghosts" Daewoo before. Indeed, in the current product portfolio of GM in South East Asia probably and Vietnam in distinctive, Colorado is the automobile containing at surviving remnants of Daewoo most, if now not be utterly separated . So what exactly does what GM has done with a purpose to prevent a repute as "Korean car" for Colorado?

Colorado GM version is being bought at markets in Southeast Asia (together with Vietnam) of the 2nd generation of this truck, launched in late 2011 and up-to-date the brand new Duramax engine prior this yr . To supply Colorado, GM has implemented a cosmopolitan venture lasts 5 years and worth up to $ 2 billion, over 5 continents throughout the world to serve buyers in 60 nations. However, can encapsulate the process of development of Colorado to simply two countries, Brazil and Thailand, where the Asian nation - which has a auto enterprise progress, particularly pickup vehicles - plays a key role.

When a new undertaking remains to be in the Colorado study segment and progress, GM despatched a technical team of experienced past his 17,000 km from Brazil to Thailand to live, learn the market, usage habits Thai car and the vehicle working stipulations right here to present start to essentially the most correct automobile for the entire Southeast Asian neighborhood. Then, what engineers study this will likely be brought on GM Brazil subsidiary for manufacturing plans. That is comprehensible and thoroughly in the calculation of GM by Thailand are referred to as "paradise" of the small pickup - which will also be obvious when watching on the density of traffic on pickup street. At the same time, the design section is done on the core for advanced Design (advanced Design core) of GM in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but the first results are appearing in the exhibition notion Bangkok 2011. Subsequently, 2.5 million kilometers of avenue undergoing testing, Colorado 2nd new release global formally launched in Bangkok in late 2011. Thus far, tasks Colorado remains the progress packages and manufacturing of large-scale new automobile GM in the history of Thailand, and the assignment was once small pickups cautiously all set in 103 years of existence of the Chevrolet company.

No longer best to Vietnam, Colorado manufactured in Thailand are being exported to 30 other markets

Of the $ 2 billion that GM spent to develop new Colorado, 500 million of which is committed to upgrading its plant in Rayong, Thailand to be competent to mass production of this truck. Like many different cars are manufactured at GM's Rayong plant, fabrication approach Chevrolet Colorado philosophy additionally adheres to strict exceptional management entitled "integrated excellent". Quite often, auto enterprise normally check the pleasant of completed automobiles in the final levels before liberate. One course, this historic strategy that automakers more complex to realize the error, but it additionally is determined by the skill of nice manage staff. That's not to mention the work to dismantle and repair after the discovery of error is also very complicated. Alternatively, the philosophy of "integrated quality" GM will monitor inside each and every stage of construction of car accessories. Accordingly, "the entire mistakes on the first-class of the product is detected and avoided in each and every stage of the assembly procedure, instead than seeking to investigate and become aware of excellent problems within the finished product", as his share Amnat Saengjan, vice chairman of GM Thailand manufacturing. Chevrolet is proud that Colorado is the modern day influence from methods "built-in


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