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ChoeTech Car Phone Holder

Updated on October 24, 2016

The Innovative CD Slide Mount

The Choetech car phone holder (Model: H74-C81) is very is easy to install and does not require any tools at all to help with setup. The product can fit most mobile devices including iphones and Androids. You have a 360 degree rotation to adjust all angels of viewing. This product will fit comfortably in any CD player slot. This product will not affect the performance of your CD player at all.

The product is great for those of you who does a lot of traveling in their vehicles and something that is very durable. It is safe to use while driving and it won't become a distraction to the driver. You will have safe driving on the roads with this product.

By far, is one of the best car phone holders that I have used in while. You'll still be able to play your music or even listen to your favorite audible books and podcasts while using GPS or Google Maps to help guide you to your destinations,

If you want to find out more details or purchase this product, you can head on over to choetech official website or Amazon.

If you have any questions or would like to leave feedback, please write a comment below.

Product In Box

Car Holder in CD Player

Official Unboxing video


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