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Choosing the family car

Updated on November 24, 2010

Choosing a family car is one of the most important investments you will ever have, since the car you choose will be like your friend which give you freedom to go where ever you want to go at any time, having a family car is incredible liberating.

But how to choose the right one? a nice painting, some extras, and very clever sales agent and you can get an authentic lemon, nice looking in the outside but very acid in the inside. And when that transaction is done in some informal agency probably you will feel mad, humiliated and cheated. But for a lie to exist it needs to be someone to tell it and other one to believe it.

There comes our responsibility to put our money in good hands, and it only depends on our good criteria because everyone knows that earning money is about hard work (must of times), time and only you know how much time you will need to recover it.

And that's why the purchase must be the most secure and rational decision, of course that the emotional factors plays some role here, because we would like our car likes to others and specially to ourselves. But even in this need of social acceptance the reason must prevail.

The formal offer normally comes in a slightly major grade than a motorcycle and thats why the price should not be the only criteria to take as valid, remember the price is a reflexion of the value, so if you get a great bargain, you can expect some great surprises and not nice surprises at all.

So when you decide to get a car, first ask, find out, analyze and then take your decision, this process should be of special care if you are getting a used one, you need to investigate about it's security, if it have any fines, maintenance history, legality, and repair work are some variables every one should take care before doing the transaction.

So the final recommendation is to make a formal deal with someone who supports your purchase in case anything goes wrong. For sure this will give you more quality inside and outside your car.


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