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The Commuter

Updated on January 8, 2018

The Commuter

The Commuter
The Commuter | Source

Who are the Commuters?

Who are the commuters? If you are traveling some distance to work on a regular basis, daily traveler, passenger or informal straphanger, then you are a commuter.

I bet, you are one of the witnesses of fare increases and long lines of passengers in train stations. You might have a lot of stories from your adventure as a commuter.

Overcrowded and Long Lines

Below are some struggling and funny stories or scenarios from random commuters.

1) First in Line, First Entrant

Let's admit this. Some of the commuters don't follow the line. This is very evident in Manila Metro Rail Transit (MRT) System. First entrant must be the first in line. Following this simple rule will avoid stampede or accident. Everyone else is on the rush. Just wait for your turn.

2) Too close!

In the metro, this Too Close moment is becoming very usual. As long as the train, bus, jeep or tricycle have space and can still run, accommodation of passengers is non-stop.

No wonder, many have kissed the window and became irate because of crushing and touching incidents! To avoid scenarios like these, stand or sit on a stable and secured position. Be vigilant! You don't want to rent a cab to make yourself comfortable, don't you?

3) The Cauliflower

In some rural areas, tricycles and motorcycles are the common mode of transportation. A regular tricycle can accommodate five passengers; two passengers as the back riders; and three in the side car. But in some areas, where transportation is very difficult, the number of passengers is doubled.

Similarly, the motorcycle or "abal-abal" can just accommdate two back riders. But, some of our fellow are very resourceful in helping others in their transportation needs. They used and placed a flat wood across the bike to provide more seats for the passengers. This is the test of balance and safety!

MRT Passengers


Abal-Abal Motorcycles


The Bomb, The Water Sprinkler and the Loudspeaker, The Spring, and The Dreamer

4) The Bomb

Getting ready for work means having proper hygiene. Be conscious of yourself and of your co-passengers. Be fresh as the morning as you hold your hand up. Potassium aluminum sulfate or "tawas" is just one piso or two in your favorite drugstore.

5) The Water Spring

There are commuters who wear long sleeves. This outfit is very elegant to look at but don't let your natural water spring flows from your armpit.

6) The Water Sprinkler and the Loudspeaker

Yes! We have a lot of stories to tell and we are excited! No one in a public vehicle will stop you from sharing your stories to your friend unless your voice is irritating. Be discreet and respect the silence inside the car. After the long line, people deserve a rest or a power nap.

Also, cover your mouth when you talk or sneeze. Your co-passengers don't want the water sprinkler from your mouth.

7) The Dreamer

After the long day of work or not enough sleep, riding in a car is an extension of relaxation or napping. Just be responsible of your valuables.

The Bridge, The Last Seat, Mister and Miss Congeniality, and The Wanted Soulmate

8) The Bridge

Riding in a public utility vehicle sometimes gives you an additional role as the bridge to your co-passengers and the driver. Yes, you are the conductor! "Bayad daw po" and "Sukli daw po" are your lines.

9) Seating on the Air

Like the bridge or conductor, the last passenger has the most uncomfortable or awkward situation in the jeep. It's very tiring to seat on just one side of your butt or hold the knees of the passenger seating opposite you once the driver stepped on the break.

10) Mister and Miss Congeniality

Smiling is a way to connect to strangers. A simple "Hi" or "Hello" follows. Many of us are naturally friendly and start a conversion with a rapport. Sometimes it's good because it lightens a day and increase the number of your friends. But, there are people who just wanted to be alone and quiet. If this happens, just smile and respect them.

11) Wanted Soulmate

Being friendly doesn't mean being aggressive. If you are looking for a girlfriend or a boyfriend, don't rush it in a click. Your co-passenger might be in relationship, in a complicated status or simply your not his or her type. There are a lot of successful love stories in commuting but take it slowly folks!


The Solicitation

12) The Solicitation

Many of you can relate to this. Out of nowhere in the bus, a man or a woman will start preaching and later ask for donations. As long as their work is legit and they consider the multi-faith and life status of passengers, sharing the Words of God is good.

What is your story as a commuter? Type it in the comment box below.

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    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      17 months ago from Shelton

      this was very clever love the kiss the window remark.. I guess if you're pushed up against it, kissing might happen..


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