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Compare New Swift 2011 VDI versus Punto Emotion Pack

Updated on September 6, 2011

If we compare Punto with New Swift, then except for better build quality and exterior styling, Punto has nothing which can make things fall for it. It is no more spacious than Swift, in fact Swift has the best front seats in the business. Punto is no more powerful than Swift and gets outclassed in flat out acceleration, in gear acceleration, city drivability, it has better looking interiors but not better plastic for sure, as Fiat itself has accepted that it is not satisfied with the plastic quality and is in the process of screwing vendors to improve things. Service network of Fiat in front of Maruti is a point better not discussed as it is a waste of time. Nothing can match Maruti on network and cost of ownership.

New Swift 2011 - White color
New Swift 2011 - White color | Source
Fiat Punto Auto Expo Jan 2008
Fiat Punto Auto Expo Jan 2008 | Source

Punto can hold a candle to Swift only in looks, handling and can better on build quality. Everywhere else, Swift 2011 betters it and with the new Swift, gap will only increase, as new Swift has better build with better handling so only looks will remain and that is a personal choice.

Comparing the 75HP MJDs of Punto and Swift, the Swift is a better choice

Though the 90 BHP Punto is much improved over the 75 BHP version, the New Swift still outperforms it in flat out acceleration. It is the in-gear acceleration where the Punto gains its crown again from Swift. And yes, 90 BHP version takes a toll on fuel efficiency so in reality, you gain only in terms of in-gear acceleration compared to Swift but lose on fuel efficiency further down the road.

Below is an update from a friend in Mumbai who has made the full and final payment of New Swift 2011 car. Here is the breakup of payment for those who are interested in buying New Swift 2011.

Swift VDi (ABS) Pearl White (Metallic)

Ex-Showroom Price Rs. 564,995

Stockyard Charges Rs. 2,830


Vehicle Cost Rs. 567,825

Registration (Mumbai, Individual) Rs. 42,225

Insurance Rs. 16,732


On-Road Price Rs. 626,782

Extended Warranty (4 yrs, 80,000 Kms) Rs. 4,995


Total Rs. 631,777

Now, it is up to you which car you want to buy Punto or New Swift. Best of luck.


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    • profile image

      Adil Zaid 6 years ago

      to say that "And yes, 90 BHP version takes a toll on fuel efficiency.." is to speak without knowledge. 90 hp gives a better mileage than 75 hp engine and the top most commentor harish is right when he says that. The great disadvantage with the Punto was its low ground clearance, but that has been taken care of with the 2012 version.

      Punto is a driver's car. Swift for overall comfort maybe.

    • profile image

      shivrajan 6 years ago

      Punto 90 hp is an excellent car.

      I have done 13000 kms, and as mileage i get 20+ on highway and 17+ in towny conditions.

      I have clocked till 195 kms, and the stability of the car is amazing. Going for a punto is not a bad decision at all.

    • profile image

      rana 6 years ago

      punto is d best car.....swift is so far away comparing with punto.......go for punto always....

    • profile image

      Sunil Nambiar 6 years ago

      Again it's all about the maintenance, no other brand can beat Maruti.

    • profile image

      harish 6 years ago

      Punto 90bhp is excellent vehicle. when you are commenting that looks, handling(you won't get tired even after driving for 4-5hrs continous drive) and better build quality(safest vehicle i segment) are good at punto what else is require in car?? and in 90bhp in gear accelaration is good as per your comment. i have driven 8000kms in punto 90bhp in highways i am getting about 18 - 21kms millege with AC. and in city it will be about 14kms. overall a satisfied customer. but sure interiors quality can be improved but still designing of interiors is good and better than any other car in segment. service also -i had not faced any problem with TATA. boot space is also good and 76lts more when compare to swift. these comments are with my experience with punto from last 6 months. harish 9632223315