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Rebuilder Finds a MAXJET Parts Washer Does the Job

Updated on June 3, 2010

When Joe Niswanger, owner of Consolidated Truck Parts in Monroe LA., contacted me at  Quality Systems, we immediately established a bond. You see, Joe’s son is the starting center for the Kansas City Chiefs and I am located in the Kansas City area. In fact, I have followed the Chiefs for some time. The 2008 season was, to say the least, a disappointing year, but Joe remained upbeat and very proud of his son.

Joe's company rebuilds engines for many customers, including the military. He needed a large, heavy duty parts washer to replace one that couldn't be repaired. After discussing his needs, we built a gas-heated, 50-inch 3000 lb turntable model with a 15 Hp pump.

I followed up with Joe after delivery. He said to me: "We only thought we had a parts washer before we got this one. I can't believe the speed and cleanliness we are getting from your MAXJET".

At Quality Systems, we are very proud to hear such comments. We work hard to fit washer capacities to the job that needs to be done. We expect to service Joe's cleaning needs well into the future. Please visit our website for information to help you with your cleaning needs or questions.



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