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Convertible Tops: What is Available for Your Car?

Updated on December 31, 2009

There are basically three kinds available for any car from 1950+, they all are vinyl or cloth. Of the vinyl tops, there is a two, three and four layer top. The main differences are in price and reduced sound noise.

The two layer comprises of a vinyl outer layer with a cloth lining for the interior. This is a basic replacement top and can run from $160+. Since there are only a few makers creating a convertible top, the quality is fairly consistent. Haartz is one that makes 75% of all convertible tops on the market.

The three layer top has an acrylic exterior cloth (the facing), a rubber combining film and a backing (lining) cloth. This top is mid-range in price and offers better noise reduction, better appearance and low temp durability.

The four layer top is the best and is reflected in the price. It is made up of an exterior vinyl coating, an undyed cloth, rubber combining film and a cloth lining (backing). This is sometimes called "Double Texture" and found on many vintage cars for its pinpoint grain look.

Tops can come in four textures for a different look and feel: Twill, Sailcloth, Standard, and Cabrio. Twill is often the higher end texture and looks great on most cars even with a two layer top. Whether you buy a two or four layer top, all will protect you for a considerable amount of years when taken care of with the RIGHT products developed by Haartz Tops.

Basically, buying a new top for your car is based on your pocket book. Installing a top can run between $500-900 at a shop that does it as a business, that is in addition to the cost of the top. Doing it yourself can be done, but usually, the end result is not nearly as good as if a shop had done it. The stretching and fitting of the top is always critical and very time consuming so that the top is tight fitting with no wrinkles and raises and lowers fine. Easier said than done!


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