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Cool Harley Davidson Gift Ideas

Updated on May 27, 2011

Harley Davidson Wall Clock

Inexpensive Harley Davidson Gifts for the Home
Inexpensive Harley Davidson Gifts for the Home | Source

Unique Harley Davidson Gifts

Harley Davidson Gift Ideas

The Harley Davidson motorcycle is a classic American icon for over 100 years. Rich in history and with a dedicated following around the world and shared by both sexes - the bar and shield logo is synonymous to Freedom. When looking for the perfect Harley Davidson gift for men or women it’s always a good idea to ask the question what type of Harley rider are they. If this person is a serious “Hawg Rider” and is out on the road constantly, then choosing from the many Harley clothing options is a sensible option. The open road is tough on cloths, so leather not only looks mean, but wears great over time. If you budget doesn’t have room for a leather jacket ($150 to $350), then there are practical bike accessories that could also come in handy, such as a tool bag.

Harley Davidson Gifts for the Home

If your Harley gift is intended for someone who is more of a weekend (and fair weather) rider, then there are many inexpensive options for items they could use at home. Harley Davidson clocks and signs make great wall decor. They are also ideal of smaller budgets of the gift giver and when they hang quite nicely on the wall it will remind that Harley rider that the open road beckons them. Harley Davidson tin signs are one of the more versatile gifts as their inexpensive costs ($12 to $20), they will look great in a man cave, garage, game room and even kitchen if it’s a Harley family.

Tips on Harley Davidson Collectibles

Harley Davidson gifts may also turn into collectibles. There is a big market for people both selling and buying all types of Harley gifts that has been going on for decades. So you may want to shop a bit at auction websites for Harley Davidson collectibles. A shopping tip, beware when they are saying “vintage” and the item is not licensed by Harley Davidson, the value may not be worth the price they are asking. The Harley Davidson Company is very strict about the rules governing the licensing of their logo and that’s a good thing for the serious collector. Another great collector item, but harder to find, are old Harley Davidson motorcycle dealer signs. Of course the older the better, but much like an antique be careful that it’s an original.

Starting a 1910 Harley - Cool


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