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Coping with Pain On (thoughts)

Updated on March 3, 2009

There is no doubt that our first reaction to a "so called" future or potentiel pain causer is denial and fear.As humans, it is in our nature to run as much as possible away from pain . But when it is written in the skies, there is no going back.

Honestly, if pain or suffering (you can name it whatever you want) was a person with two legs walking on the street, i would probably walk on the other side or if i had enouhg courage, i would beat the shit out of it. But as hard as it seems, every pain or suffering is a challenge or a demon you are supposed to coquer.AND YES! I KNOW IT IS EASIER SAID THAN DONE! But we have to learn to train ourselves to face our fears and conquer them if possible.
NO one of us hasn't had its turn, but we all experience different portions, and sometimes we can relate our experiences to others.Being bullied or walked over by an annoying boss, or living in a family that gives physical abuse a huge portion of family life might trauma any person. But it is not easy. Some say that opening your heart to some one might help. But based on my own experience i just want to be left alon, though having the support does really help. You just need time to absorb things and think rethink things over.

1- Denial is the first stage. It takes lots of courage to overcome this stage and yet many have to overcome this stage in order to find peace.

2- Identifying the problem or the cause behind pain is the second step. For example if I amĀ  being bullied by others i must acknowlege though it is hard to do so that this is a problem i have to resolve or deal with .

3- Then,once the problem is targetted a HUGE QUETION MARK IS TO BE DRAWN BESIDE IT.Why am i letting people use me as a door matt or why don't i stand up for what i believe.

4- Solving: Some problems need long time to be solved but persistance is the KeY!

It is good to share! Life is accompained with pain with help you can overcome your fears!

Pain suffering and torture etc...the list goes on.All what i can say is this is part of the human life cycle. There is no doubt that life all about finding your rightious place on earth .Be wise when you make your choices and don't let pain stand in your way.


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