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Corvair Troubleshooting Advice for your Powerglide Transmission

Updated on March 1, 2010

There are more automatic Corvairs on the road than 3-4 speed transmissions. The Powerglide is a tough tranny that remains one of Chevy's best designs. The list below are common issues and some advice as to how to make the fix.

No drive in Any Gear

Shifter end broken off while N, Snap rings broke off front pump drive, No fluid

Fast upshifts while driving

Broken E-clip throttle valve and is jammed, incorrect throttle valve adjustment, defective Governor

No Upshifts

Spool valve stuck in governor, broken E clip on TV (throttle valve)

Slipping Upshifts

Need fluid, worn out high clutch plates, low band\manual valve out of adjustment

Drives in N

Shift cable not installed into tanny correctly or missing

Late Upshifting

Incorrect TV adjustment, worn out governor outer shaft

Jumps out of gear with load while in Low

Worn out low band or needs adjustment, needs fluid

Hard Downshifts

Idle is too high, vacuum modulator is bad, leak in vacuum modulator line

Pushstarting a PG

Put car in N, push until speed is 20 mph, turn on ignition, shift into low


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