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Corvair Vendors on the Web

Updated on October 5, 2009

Vendors with an online presence

 Whether you have just bought a 60s Chevrolet Corvair you intend to restore or have been doing for sometime, you need to know where to find parts or know how for your car. As always, it is always better to shop around between vendors for the best price and how close they are to you. In most cases, Clark's Corvair excepted, the vendor will most likely be not more than 1-3 people.

The Main Vendors:

Clark's Corvair, been around for over 20 years and focus solely on parts for this car. If you need it, they probably will have it. They are fast and  accept credit cards but not paypal. They are not on ebay. Prices are competitive. Contact:,, 413-625-8498 (East Coast)

LS Corvair Parts, like Clark's, been around many years but is a 1-3 man operation. Located on the West Coast in LA, they offer many parts that you will need at competitive prices. They are on ebay and accept paypal or credit cards. Responses to inquiries usually take a few days. Fast shipping when order is placed. Contact:,1-310-534-3324,

California Corvair Parts, similar to LS Corvair in size, they offer similar items most owners might need. Located in Corona, CA. Also on Ebay and accept paypal. Contact:,, 951-284-3555.

Corvair Underground, again, a cross between Clarks and the smaller vendors, located in Oregon. Recently have downsized but still offer many of the parts you may need. They claim to be on ebay, but I have yet to find them. They do accept credit and paypal. Shipping usually takes longer once an order is placed. Contact: 800-825-8247,, direct paypal payments to:

Rafee Corvair, a 1-2 person shop offering many of the standard parts the big boys also have at sometimes, cheaper prices. Located in Oklahoma, on ebay and accepts paypal and credit. Contact: 918-753-2486,,, .

Wolf Enterprises, like Rafee, is small but a must if you need carburetor related parts or new rebuilt ones. Parts are reasonable, carbs expensive. They are on ebay and accept paypal also.  Located in Florida. Contact:, 352-588-0645. Fast service.

The Vair Shop may just have what you need also. Located in Illinois. Contact:, 815-469-1354,

The above should be able to find the part you need online. Of course, there are others online, guys that headhunt for corvair parts in wrecking yards and sell on ebay. Some of the prices are reasonable, some pure insanity. Many sellers online charge an extraordinary amount for shipping-a total ripoff.

Sometimes you can find parts on also. Basically, corvairs, because of their popularity, are no hard to restore. You can find just about everything you need, maybe not new, but used.

As with any shopper. shop around before you buy.


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