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Customizing a Vespa - Sidecar, Windshield, Seat Covers and More

Updated on April 9, 2011

A Vespa scooter is a true classic and is as popular today as during the great mods versus rockers struggles at Brighton Beach in 1960s England. Many riders trick their scooters out in countless mirrors and lights in the tradition of Quadrophenia style glory. For others, Vespa customization means personalization without quite the sensationalism that a hundred side mirrors and crash bars evoke.

Vespa Helmet

One of the easiest ways to customize a Vespa does not even involve the scooter itself, but the rider and helmet. Anoraks and other riding parkas are standard, but for the safety conscious a helmet is important too. Stickers like the infamous Who Bullseye emblem are popular choices as well as checkerboard stickers and other graphics evoking a mod lifestyle. Choices vary widely depending upon which side of the pond the rider is on, but this is a quick and affordable way to add some style to your riding experience.

Vespa Seat Covers

Stylish Bullseye Vespa Seat Cover
Stylish Bullseye Vespa Seat Cover

The standard leather covered foam seat can be boring, but is easy to jazz up. Fabric or vinyl seat covers are available in countless colors and styles. These handsome slipcovers normally slide over existing seats with an elastic band to hold them firmly in place. They can protect the existing seat cushion and are easily removed. This is a great way to change the look of a Vespa with no damage to the scooter in any way.

Vespa Flyscreen and Vespa Windshield

A Vespa wind break can come in many shapes, colors and styles. These flyscreens may be nothing more than a short, colored piece of plastic to a full blown windscreen with wrap sides. The styles and colors range greatly. Red, black and smoked gray are all popular. Checkerboard patterns add some mod flare. Usually Vespa windshields are more style than substance and are a great place to add additional ornamentation in the form of stickers or small lights.

Vespa Horn

A sharp Vespa horn may almost go unnoticed. They are available in chunky chrome or other finishes and can add some fun and personality to a scooter. There are many sounds available. In urban areas a horn is very useful, but that does not mean it still cannot be fun at the same time. Installing a new horn takes a bit of mechanical knowledge so it is best left to a mechanic if the owner is not mechanically inclined.

Vespa Sidecar

One of the boldest changes a scooter owner can make is through the addition of a Vespa sidecar. This add on is a great way to increase the functionality and hauling capacity of a scooter. The preferred style is the torpedo shaped sidecar generally referred to as a "rocket sidecar". The more functional and larger style may be purchased with or without a canopy. Attaching a sidecar is not incredibly difficult, but is best left for the professionals if the owner is not skilled with power tools and the proper know how.

Vespa Customization Considerations

Vepsas are expensive scooters and many owners want to infuse personality, but not at the expensive of future resale value. These tips for customizations are easily reversed and are great ways to avoid future reversal expense. Custom paint jobs and other methods of customizing are popular, but they are generally reserved for the owner that knows the scooter is going to be kept for the long haul. These methods (with the exception of the sidecar) can be completed quickly and are very affordable options.


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