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DIY-Changing DSG Transmission Fluid in Your Volkswagen Jetta and SAVE $$$

Updated on December 21, 2011
DSG oil cap
DSG oil cap
Adding fluid from engine compartment
Adding fluid from engine compartment
Walmart device used-perfect
Walmart device used-perfect
Remove the cover to the engine, if needed.
Remove the cover to the engine, if needed.

In general terms, this DIY procedure is guide, but specifically, it pertains to the 2006+ VW cars and Jetta TDI with DSG transmissions.

Owners of such cars can face high maintenance costs but like other cars, there are ways to DIY for far less cheaper. First, the VW TDI is diesel, but that does not mean you must find a mechanic who knows them, depending on what is wrong. Most mechanics or yourself could change the brake pads, rotors, change the air filter, fuel filter or pumps etc. Like any car, buy a service manual for the car, these run from $50-80 on ebay. Well worth the cost.

Specifically, the TDI car is either a DSG transmission or manual. The DSG is a superb automatic tranny to the non-DSG types in othe cars. No Japanese car has it. Only German cars. Servicing it requires you change the 4.5-5L of fluid every 40,000 miles, change the filter. If you take it to shops dealing with VW's, they will all charge you $500 for the procedure. The parts you can buy in many places and come to $125-30. Most shops will charge you 3 hrs of time @ $100 hr.or more. Why? The shop will actually take of a section of the tranny containing mechanicals for cleaning, which makes it much more time consuming. Many think this is not necessary unless indications speak otherwise.

The DYI method costs only the materials and perhaps 1 hr time. You will not remove the section the shop does. You are only draining the oil, replacing the filter, adding new fluid. There are two ways, one is adding the fluid from the top via the engine compartment, the other, from under the car. The top method is easiest and less messy.

It is critical to assess the amount of oil drained, it should be 4.5 Liters. If it is not, something is wrong. Assuming it is, you will add 4.6 L. The shops will fill with 5L and then run the engine to heat it so the internal snorkel will drain excess to 4.5-6L. You do not want to have excess oil in the tranny, not insufficient amounts (which can cause faster wear and flywheel problems like rattling).

You will need 5 L of VW DSG fluid # G052182a2 or Pentosin DSG FFL-2, an 8mm and 14mm Allen wrench, 24mm hex socket (a 15\16" socket works), 1 DSG filter VW# 02e305051c, 1 filter cap o-ring VW# n91084501.

Make sure your car is level-this is a must. Use a level.

1. Remove the splash shield from under the car. 2. Open the hood and remove the engine cover. 3. Remove the air filter box. 4. Remove the battery and battery shelf, if it will give more room.

5. Locate the black DSG filter cap with a 24mm wrench. 6. Remove the filter located inside. Tilt to drain if needed. Replace the rubber O-ring if needed. 7. If excess oil is present, remove with suction.

8. Under the carm locate the correct 14mm and unscrew with catch pan under. Drain. 9. Inside this hole is a plastic snorkel, use a 8mm to remove and unscrew. be careful. Once all oil is drained, replace the snorkel first, then the 14mm nut. hand tight.

10. Use a Hoppy-flo 1.0L funnel from Walmart. Warmer fluid will flow faster. The end will fit perfectly into the where the oil will be added. It will take about 40 min. to add the 4.5L. When done, insert the filter until it is secure, replaced the cap and tighten.



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