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Dangers Riders and Drivers Face? Possibly Themselves

Updated on August 1, 2016

Lacking common sense

As a driver and as a rider, I find so much flaws in people preventing safety as a form of common sense. Maybe it's just me, road rage isn't something that is taken lightly, especially since there are people with medical conditions and raising pressure is a bad deal. I drive quite a bit and I use to ride a lot earlier on and I have encounter many careless drivers, but that doesn't mean motorcycle riders are right. Speeding is probably what gets most people into trouble and also what gets most people hurt or killed. Since it started to get warmer out, there are more bikers on the road and the funny thing is they feel they have the right of way reagrdless of the situation. I can understand the anger of drivers as well as riders when on the road, but they also need to understand that if their actions are going to endanger others, people will get angry. And then you have those who are wrong but quick to blame others should anything happen, hence lack of common sense.

I have encountered my fair share of accidents as a rider and as a driver, some are my fault and some not. If I speed and throw all caution to the wind, I would have no excuse for any accident and no one to blame but myself. Almost everyday I have drivers coming out of parking spots or lot without looking before they proceeded and causing near accidents. Part of this article is venting and also hoping to increase awareness as a driver and rider. The warmer weather brings people out to enjoy the day, but some people seem to like to make other people's day miserable by doing stupid crap.

I had a motorcyclist speeding on a turn and sliding into the opposing direction of traffic and as I saw him last second I had to swerve. Had I not seen him, he would've ended up as road kill, and I believe that is an extremely stupid way to go. You are operating the machine, not the other way around and if you don't know what to expect, just slow down. It's very simple, yet people tend to make it nuclear science.

And the rage starts

Has anyone ever watch YouTube motovlogs or such? People record themselves doing some stupid crap, and when crap goes wrong they are quick to blame others. Racing at night, showing off, bullying other drivers or riders, threatening people they are recording. Well, as Einstein had once said, "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

Most riders or motorcyclist always think they are more aware and alert, and sometimes I can't understand how they come up with this. They are riding a motorcycle, it's two wheels, any less alert or awareness and they'll probably tip over or stall or both. They aren't like drivers where they are inside a car sitting comfortably or relax. My thought is how can a rider not be alert or aware since riding a motorcycle involves more attention, I don't know but to me it's just stating the obvious. Then again, you have people on YouTube doing some really stupid things on the highway or public streets, like wheelies or lying down on their bike while in motion thinking they'll cool or whatever.

Drivers on the other hand are just all over the place, from reading text to talking on their phones, eating, putting on makeup. It's not difficult to pull over to do what you need to do. Rules and laws are there for a reason, it isn't just to keep you safe but to keep others safe from people like that. People constantly texting and talking on their phones will anger those trying to be safe within reason. Riding through my neighborhood, you'll find at least one person out of three doing something on their phone. And when you try to be polite about it, they would yell back like they are in the right, even after almost running me down. Remember in todays world some people aren't going to be polite about it, I could've been a jerk and snap the mirror and left. Trying to be reasonable in todays society is difficult especially when you're trying to live like we're civilize individuals even though we're probably far from it.

Bikers giving others abad name

What to expect

Most motorcylist ride like drivers, I'm not really sure why they complain about drivers or vice versa. There are some who still try to do the right things, even on YouTube there is a small amount of people who drive or ride and record their day, but who knows, they might only be nice because they're recording. I wonder what they're like if they weren't though, ever wonder about that? I'm sure most of you reading this had seen at least a dozen of those videos, if not I'm sure you're lying and if truly no? Then go watch a few and you'll understand.

Imagine this, lane splitting is legal in California because about 59% of motorcycle accidents are struck by cars in heavy traffic. How the heck do you hit a motorcyclist in heavy traffic? This is what I mean when I say a huge percent of drivers are too busy doing other crap than staying safe. To hit something in heavy traffic pretty much means you aren't paying attention or you're a pretty bad driver and shouldn't have a license. I don't think lane splitting or sharing is safe, but it's a lot safer than having cars behind you, because about 80% of drivers will end up hitting something. I would be pretty embarrassed to hit something when traffic is snailing, making inches at a time.

Believe it or not, there is a huge percent of Californians that doesn't even know lane splitting is legal and would try to stop motorcycles from passing. It's pretty sad when drivers don't even know the rules or laws in the state they reside in and they drive, and above that they probably get all stupid about riders splitting lanes.

Why do I think lane splitting is dangerous? If the laws in all the states change to allow lane splitting, there would only be a handful of drivers that would know. Due to drivers not knowing, they'll likely be enraged with it and go hunting riders... not good. Other reasons are because you'll also have a good percentage of riders who thinks accidents don't apply to them, Allowing lane splitting to those who can't understand why there are rules to driving and riding will end up endangering others by lane splitting at a ridiculous speed. Lane splitting at speeds greater than 25 is asking for a disaster to happen, if someone is to go beyond 50, all they need is a tab and chance of survival is pretty much nil. If people want to take a chance on their own life without endangering others, by all means go for it, but if they were to put others in danger is unacceptable. People who do stupid crap on their motorcycle on the highway or public streets are morons for putting other people in harms way.

In my opinion

Most bikers are just as bad as drivers, they say they are aware, alert, and all that crap and when they are with friends they just go full on retard or something. Can't say that never happened to me, but I try to make it a habit to ride and get to where I am going before I talk or use any Bluetooth equipment. Talking while riding for bikers is just as bad as drivers being on the phone since most people seem to be easily distracted. Being on a bike and talking to your buddies through bluetooth is no different than a driver being on the phone, but people seem to lack those common sense today to realize they are doing the same crap that they blaze at others about.


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