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Dashcams, Dashboard Cameras For Insurance Purposes for Sale. Dash cams for Drivers Protection

Updated on October 9, 2013

What is a dashboard camera ?

Dash-cams ( dashboard cameras ) are small video cameras installed in the front of a car or other vehicles.

The dashcam continuously records everything that is happening on the road and sidewalk in front of the car.

Why have one ?

A dashcam can record accidents and verify as to whose fault the accident was. This helps prevent fraudulent lawsuits against innocent drivers.

The video is admissible in a court of law and has helped insurance companies in their battle against cash-for-cash claims.

Using a dashboard camera may also reduce the cost of insurance premiums.

Night Vision.

Most dash cams have night vision. This prevents fraudulent claims being made against the driver even in the twilight hours.

The Q7 car DVR Camera is equipped with night vision technology and has a 2" TFT screen.

With a 140 degree wide angle viewing option to catch as much of the vehicle on camera as possible. 5 million pixel resolution ensures clear footage at all times.

Photograph format is JPG for ease of printing. An inbuilt speaker and microphone allows for conversations to be recorded following an accident or incident.

Supplied with an in-car charger, and a storage card slot capable of taking a 32gb TF card.

Click on the smaller image to view full details.

Why use a Dashboard Camera ?

Accidents happen every day, by the millions. It is estimated that $150 (at least) of every insurance policy is the cost of insurance fraud.

Fraudulent claims cost innocent victims more money, even years after the incident.

Rising costs and loss of no-claims bonus ensure higher insurance premiums.

This video is a compilation of accidents caught on a dashboard camera, only the horse has some sense by using a pedestrian crossing.

Brilliantly disguised as a rear view mirror, the Abeo accident dashboard camera.

This disguise could help in the instance whereas certain individuals whom cause the accidents may rip out the obviously visible dash cam. This would leave the victim not only traumatised, but also without any evidence on video.

Plugs into cigarette lighter and automatically turns on and off with the engine. An impressive 2.4 inch screen for excellent viewing with automatic voice recording and instant playback.

The design is mainly for use for right hand drive vehicles only.

For more information, reviews, and offers, please click on the smaller image.

Pedestrian Fraud

Pedestrians are usually kept to the side walks and pavements. But a growing number of fraudulent claims by pedestrians is costing innocent drivers millions every year.

Desperate for cash, many individuals simply throw themselves in front of a moving vehicle. Once the "accident" is over, massive claims for personal injury follow.

Without the dashboard camera, this motorist could have been sued for severe personal injuries.

Free link to: Cash-for-crash accidents.

The flip top dash cam. Screen comes down easily when required and can even record when it is closed. One problem with many of the dashboard cameras, is that a separate stand may be required.

Prior to purchasing any type of car video or surveillance equipment, check the small print. It will usually state that the camera will fit a certain stand which is purchased separately. Also many do not supply the memory card.

This car camera can support a 64 gb memory card ( not supplied ) has a 2.5" screen, and can be charged via cigarette lighter or mains as the battery is re-chargeable.

This night vision camera comes with two screens allowing recording from two different angles.

Has a GPS logger to open with Google and see the vehicles driving track, speed and time. Has a 2.7" monitor, one of the largest from any dash cam.

Records any sudden braking, swerving or accelerating. This will help in the law courts determining what action was taken to avoid the accident.

For a full list of guaranteed dash cam / dashboard cameras, discounts, and information, please click on the smaller images.

Dash Cam Usage

Russia has the most dashboard cameras per capita. Law courts in Russia prefer video evidence as opposed to witnesses.

This is supposedly because of police corruption and widespread insurance fraud.

The dashcam allows old footage on the memory card to be recorded over with new footage rather than stopping recording.


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