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Defensive Driving Course Online - 7 Essential Tips

Updated on November 1, 2009

Clear Your Traffic Tickets.

Learn to Drive Defensively

The biggest difference between a regular driver and a first-rate one is instruction, so by taking an online defensive driving course you can keep yourself up to date with the latest road laws and equip yourself with the skills and knowledge necessary to foresee driving dangers and how to avoid them. Defensive driving is a skill that requires practice, but trying to learn by trial and error, could be fatal!

Do you really know what Defensive Driving is?

Well, by predicting and learning to recognize a potential hazard and changing your driving as a result to adapt to the situation well before it happens, is the method used to significantly reduce the risks linked with driving your car or motorcycle. Becoming a student of an endorsed online defensive driving course and integrating the visual training into your driving behavior, it may well ultimately save your life, although patience, training and good concentration are mandatory to effectively profit from defensive driving.

To successfully pass your drivers license test you will need to undergo professional defensive driver training and by collect the right information will help you reduce the likelihood of a fatal or severe accident, and may also save you some money on your vehicle insurance premium.

You can now Dismiss a Traffic Ticket Online.

If you have already been instructed by a court to attend a driving safety course, numerous courts in the United States will nowadays dismiss your traffic ticket and clear your driving record if you complete an approved defensive driving course online. If you are not completely up to date with the current road laws and have not taken a defensive driving course online for some time, then at some point it is more than likely you will receive a moving violation or traffic ticket.

7 Defensive Driving Tips.

1. If there are any cars that are sitting to close to you, increase the distance between by accelerating or moving into another lane and be aware by checking the rear view mirrors often. If a car is too close you have to brake suddenly, their reaction time is reduced and they could crash into the back of your car.

2. Look down any side streets, especially at night, making sure other drivers have noticed you and will stop and give way.

3. Look under parked cars for feet or wheels to anticipate a pedestrian, child, cyclist, skateboarder or even a dog running out in front of you and check both sides of the road to be conscious of what is happening.

5. Keep a 2 - 3 car length gap to allow sufficient reaction time between your car and the one in front and as your speed rises, increase the gap.

6. Look further down the road to predict any trouble, particularly when driving in traffic conditions, as this will give you enough time to adjust your driving.

7. Drivers pulling out of parking spots or sitting in parked cars opening their doors are to be observed. I once had a collision with a driver do a U-turn from a parking space.

The author Dave Treadstone writes for Defensive Driving Course Online Here you will find loads of information about defensive driving, dismissing traffic tickets via online traffic school, reviews of online driving courses plus all the tasks required to get your car license. Please visit the Drivers License Test - Training Guide.


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