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Desalination, A Way of the Future

Updated on December 6, 2013

Salt Water Use

Desalination may well be the saving factor that our technology will soon use for consumption of fresh water around the globe. Did you know that only .2% of all the sea water is being consumed right now? This is in the billions of gallons around the world. The biggest problem is the high cost of fuel or energy needed to heat the water to complete the desalination process. But for this one factor, we would all be in major production of fresh water globally.

In the process of removing the salt from the water, extreme heat is needed to raise the temperature to the point of boiling. This is the point in which the water changed from liquid form to a gas form. It is much like the process the old moon shiners used in distilling liquor back up in the hills. They used big pots and placed mixes of fruit, corn or grains into liquid with water and cooked the pots of mash until the gases that escaped were fed through copper tubing into receiving pots in the form of purified liquor. This sounds very simplified, but there was not much more to it. In desalination, salt water is purified by heat and the heavier salt molecules remain behind as the gas form of water is cooled in copper tubing and converts back into liquid water droplets.

My concept of possible future use of desalination of salt water is to dig big holes into the sea floor under the salt water. These holes will have to be filled with material that will solidify and form strong surfaces for the water to accumulate and move into large storage containers. Large metal containers may be used instead. The force of gravity will aid in moving the water into the holding areas and may also make use of energy more advantageous and the salt water may be boiled and the gas forms may then be piped to cooling areas where the liquid forms may then be retained and piped to other locations for use. Of course there are always hang ups and other problems encountered in any developmental process, these may well be overcome in the near future. The world is made up of more than three fourths salt water and we certainly need to find a good way to use it. Our future generations may depend on this for survival.

"Water, water everywhere,but not a drop to drink".. may be the way it used to be, but not in the near future of our planet. The water consumption is being used up in greater and greater amounts every day. Our growth of crops and the water we need in processing in many companies, as well as water for drinking, has been a source of worry for many areas around the world.We are very clever people and always have been, and we certainly have the ability to make fresh water available for all of our earthly needs. Who knows, we may even develop a way in taking fresh water and removing oxygen from its combination with hydrogen, and have all the good fresh air to breathe, in our futures. We will find a way!

What will tomorrow bring?
What will tomorrow bring?


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 6 years ago from United States

      Please read my hub about our future world that preceded this one.