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Conveyorized Washers Automate Parts Cleaning

Updated on August 12, 2011
MAX JET Pass Through Washer
MAX JET Pass Through Washer

Special Process Development for Maximum Parts Cleaning

The design of any production parts cleaning system involves matching the washer with output of the machining operations. The goal is to minimize operator handling so the system may need to have the ability to feed parts to the washer directly.


We recently worked with a manufacturer that wanted to utilize a conveyorized belt type washer to clean machined tubes in featuring multiple diameters and lengths. The tubes would need to be orientated as they came off the machining operation and into the cartridge feeder. The parts were then to be fed into a conveyor belt style washer. Three separate processes were to be employed: wash stage, rinse stage (with rust inhibitor), and a final heated dry chamber.


The project now presented several different design issues. The first requirement is a feeder cartridge system designed to orientate the tubes into a horizontal position. Parts would be queued up for a special pick up fixture mounted on the conveyor belt of the washer. The fixture on the belt would position the parts for maximum exposure to the spray jets located in the wash stage. The parts would next be conveyed to the rinse stage featuring a rust preventative in the solution. The tubes needed to be fixtured slightly lower on one end to allow them to drain which would assist the drying stage. The parts were coming off machining at the rate of one every four seconds. This meant the number of special belt fixtures would be determined by production throughput at a line speed that allows sufficient exposure to the solution spray to properly clean.


As a service to the customer, it was decided that all testing would be completed in our facility. We relied on receiving test parts, photos, and videos of the operation to complete the design. This type of process design is how we make our living. It often requires all of our years of experience to properly identify the correct processes and procedures to satisfy the application. Offering solutions in this environment has its rewards once the task is accomplished. We are always grateful for the opportunities.

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Belt Style Conveyorized Parts Washer for Tubs


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