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Discovering RFID Elevator Systems: The Story of the Naïve Investor

Updated on December 5, 2013

The Realization

While looking over offers with my financial advisors for luxury properties in Victoria, Canada, I read an article presented by my realtor. The article’s author made a point to report the rise of condominium sales due to radio-frequency identification (RFID) elevators. Through reading this article, I learned that these condominium sales were linked to the increased sales of the elevators, which were described as having a “James Bond allure”. I never thought I’d see elevators described in such a sexy and sophisticated manner, until I reading this article.

As a consumer, when envisioning an elevator with a “James Bond allure”, I automatically imagine a smooth ride, sleek interior and exterior, complete with glass walls, so that I can watch the scenery as I approach my destination. I imagine a modern aesthetic, with sleek stainless steel buttons and bright overhead lights. reports it being the first of its kind, marketed in the city, which leaves me with the impression that the luxury condominiums’ developer takes great pride in their establishment and wants to be on the cutting edge of their industry. Little did I know there was more to RFID systems.

James Bond Allure

This single swipe will accurately choose the best elevator to help this man get to his floor
This single swipe will accurately choose the best elevator to help this man get to his floor

But Theres More to the RFID System...

The “James Bond Allure” description does the product little justice. The movie comparison is safe and ambiguous. As I mentioned, it only speaks on the look and feel of the elevator, but not the functionality of the wireless system, which is why the developer is purchasing it, right?

Although RFID is a relatively old technology, which was used for tracking train cars, shipping containers, and automobiles in the 19th century. It has reemerged with new chip manufacturing technology that has the potential to have a strong impact on the economic development of multiple industries.

RFIDs placed in elevators allow building occupants to access an elevator using their ID card, with an embedded tag, explained Claire Swedberg of the RFID Journal, 2011. The elevator system responds and carries building occupants to their floor without pressing buttons. The technology reduces wait time and improves building traffic.

Amazing Short Video that Shows the Technology in Action

RFID Systems are Awesome!

The RFID technology is amazing and I’d prefer the technology be in all my buildings. I did find some information that opposes the “James Bond allure” description. On the contrary the RFID tag has a “Minority Report allure”, but this comparison wouldn’t be as appealing to people who are weary of privacy issues.

The more products that become digital and wireless, the more information that is shared and the more people become exposed to identity theft. If it were marketed in that manner and customers would think of the system differently, there would be a definite ‘Catch 22’ scenario. People want to insure their privacy, but, they also want direct access to information, services, and products, as well as exclusivity and time-management resources. They want to have their privacy, but they also want to live luxuriously and want their needs addressed instantly.

Looking deeper into RFIDs I founds them to be very helpful, futuristic, and I also started thinking about stock options.


  • E-Z Pass (Toll Collection)
  • Tracking Cattle
  • Tracking People
  • Speedpass (credit info)
  • Sports (Timing races)
  • Libraries
  • Building entry
  • Elevator
  • Train Carts
  • Supply chains

RFID Definition

A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system is technology very similar to the barcode system. The radio frequency uses electromagnetic fields read by antenna and transceivers that exchange information to a given device. The RFID is way more sophisticated technology and can be used anywhere. The information attached to a RFID or RFID tag can be recovered from long distances (i.e. the E-Z pass) and hold intellectual data about the its host.

A RFID host can be anything from a live cattle to an... elevator system. The tag can hold all the information anyone may need regarding the host. If its attached to a building it can tell you how much space in that building regarding to height, length and width (whatever its programmed to know). Particular to this article it scans the elevator system to identify the closest and most time efficient elevator in relation to the host destination.

RDIF vs Traditional

Would you rather a RDIF elevator system or the Tradition model?

See results

If you've noticed by the list of RFID usage above, RFID systems are apart of our everyday lives. Soon, it will be in every store tracking the goods on shelves to keep track of inventory. Then radio frequencies will follow us home and assist us with missing inventory in our home. We are just waiting for the technology to be cheaper.

All in all it is very useful and can make all our lives a little easier. The issue is privacy. Tracking elevators, train carts and grocery store goods is one thing but tracking people is another. If the technology becomes more accessible to people what could be ramifications? Too much to think of now but just like anything else we create Im hopeful that RFID usage will be heavily regulated.

I Need an RDIF Elevator System in My Building

The article, although short, has opened my eyes to another industry and aesthetics that I would otherwise bypass.

My initial thought was: when people are looking for a luxury condominium their amenity requirements aren’t a full service bar, a concierge AND a radio-frequency identification automobile elevator system. Maybe, maybe not, but there is a demographic that requires these service for commercial and residential use.

Overall I see the RFID elevator wireless systems being used for buildings everywhere for traffic control, time-management, exclusivity and privacy. The most important incentive that wasn’t directly mentioned in the articles I read was crime prevention.

Wait a Sec...

Are you a developer or investor? do you think these pointers are useful?

Are you about to start on a new building or venture?

What elevator services are you using?

Please share below OR if you know someone that can use this information send them a link!

Thank You!


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