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See what one state is doing to stop drivers from texting!

Updated on August 5, 2015

Distracted Driver

Driving Hazards

On my way home from getting my tire fixed. I noticed how people

was driving and what they were doing while driving. One work

truck slammed on his breaks because he was on his phone.

He could of waited to take the call until he could pull over

safely. Was it a personal or work call? I will never know. I just

know that due to him being on the phone he almost caused an

accident. Did he have driving insurance? I sure hope so. Another

women was driving an SUV. She was fixing her hair and putting on

makeup. She didn't pay any attention to the road signs that stated

"Lane Closed. From cell phones, to makeup, music, dvd players,

reading and a distracted mind. All of these are distractions of

driving. And there is even more that I haven't named. Cops in

Georgia are now dressing up as construction workers to catch

people texting. I would rather someone be stopped for not

paying attention to the road, rather than causing an accident.

The next time you get into your car, stop and think about what

you are doing. You are stepping into a 1 ton car or even more

weight that comes with bigger cars. Every time you drive, Its

not just about your safety!

Have you ever been behind a distracted driver

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