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Do you know what is a custom bike?

Updated on July 3, 2008

Chopper customization style has begun soon after WWII ended. Former war service man returned home and started costumizing their machines by removing all unnecessary parts, like fenders, lights and more. Large and flat foot rests were changed by smaller ones at the same time that fuel tanks and headlamps were switched for smaller ones as well.

The given name to this transformation comes form the literal action of chopping, that have evolved to Chopper. Its clear objective was to achieve better performance than the stock motorcycles available at the time. Without that extra weight, and with lower gravity center, this motorcycles were much more faster and had a better handling performance.

Some motorcycle manufacturers, such as Harley-Davidson and Honda, include the word "custom" as part of a model name. If capitalized, "Custom" does not denote a custom motorcycle as described above; rather, it is part of the model name of a mass-produced motorcycle.

Nowadays, this kind of transformation is considered a work of art. Some TV shows and films gave to this kind of motorcycle a superior notoriety. Naming just a few, Easy Riders, West Coast Choppers and American Chopper.

"Hardknock" Bobbers

"Broward" Pro Street

Bobber Motorcycles

The Bobber customization style was introduced during the 50's, and has been developed by builders all over the country over these years until today.This style is characterized by its minimalist approach. Superfluous items that a stock motorcycle has are removed such as mirrors, binkers among others. These bikes are also known as Rat Bikes or even Bar Hoppers. The drivers of these bikes are known as Rat Bikers.

Pro Street

A Pro Street bike is a custom chopper that has been elevated toanother level. These bikes have a much more reclined front fork, are lower and specially powerful. Mostly they have a V-Twin engine but you can find in some cases a V4 engine fitted in thes e devil machines known has Pro Street.

Amazing Custom Bike


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