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Does your car fit your occasions, environment and your own personality?

Updated on March 3, 2015

When it comes to making a thrust on the roads with a car, many people have never been conservative. This is perhaps because what most people consider when they travel to show room to purchase cars, or browse through the internet to make their orders are always limited. Mostly for obvious reasons, people make choices based on their financial ability and social class. Above all, there are various factors that guide their decision making process before settling on a car. Such factors that act as the yardsticks for decisions include but not limited to.

Fuel consumption

This is what people look at first before they settle on purchasing a car. Norms have it that based on one’s financial capability; they make choices that will help them ensure that their cars are well taken care of through maintenance. It is therefore clear that affluent folks will never bother whether the fuel tank can swallow a lot, so long as it can move along the road. But for the financially tender middle class, especially for those yearning to make a mark in society and advance in social status, they will go for low or moderate fuel consumers. It doesn’t matter but so long as he or she can drive. Not forgetting spendthrifts who will never be troubled by the amount the fuel tank may siphon out of their pockets.


Those who are coming from upcountry especially in developing countries will attest to this. Roads may dictate one’s decision because they determine the duration one is likely to enjoy the ride in a “silent” car before the parts disengage to pave way for noise. For the urban folks who ride in smooth and carpeted roads, this can never be a concern. However, very few people do consider this. To some extent though, the conditions of roads do determine the brands of vehicles people go for. A buyer who is likely to frequently traverse all weather roads may settle for higher cars whose bodies are slightly far above the ground. Instead of settling on a MarkII or Audi then someone may go for a Lexxus Harrier for instance.

The make and properties

This is where many potential buyers do shallow assignment. With the automatically operated motor vehicles flooding the market, fewer people may have taken the nitty-gritty features of the cars off through the window. The only point of attention could be a music system. It is not far off the mark that people rarely inspect the capability of the engines and its features or the gear systems.

Others rush and from the onset of it that they can confirm that they can bargain for their dream car, telling from its make, transactions are rushed so that they can hit the road.

Oblivious to many people, vehicles are joined for one course-taking a ride for destinations. But their engineering design, size and other features taken into place; they are meant for different occasions, personalities, environments, climates and geographical areas among others.

There is a reason why tourists being taken through the game parks and game reserves are driven in specially designed Land rovers. In the anticipation that there is adverse weather, unfavourable terrain or mud, those onboard can never be stranded judging from the capability of the motor vehicle. So using a small Saloon car like a Premio for instance to access your home built on a hill will be quite unwise.

Someone once said that “driving a Hammer is like driving an expensive tractor”. The notion for this comical quote is drawn from the observation that a Hammer is so wider that overtaking an equally wider vehicle like a bus would be so detrimental. The driver may veer off the road. So from the look of things, they can only be reserved for special occasions like weddings, shows or shooting music clips during productions.

So here is the question. Does your car fit what your personality is? That you can spend exorbitantly and live with it and that you drive an “ugly” but strong car for instance to access that hilly residence? Or you are dying in silence. Spending to your last coin at the behest of elevating your status.

Guidelines to follow before buying a car


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