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Don't Hold Back Your Car's Most Common Auto Repairs

Updated on June 25, 2019

Cars are generally reliable, and they serve you well most of the time. However, cars do experience problems every now and then. The thing is, many car owners ignore these issues and continue to drive their vehicles on the street instead of bringing them in for a car diagnostics testing at the very least.

The need to hold back on a car’s most common auto repairs is apparently a way for some people to avoid spending a considerable amount on them, but there is no denying that ignoring problems with your car can be irresponsible. In some cases, not addressing specific car problems can end up endangering not only yourself and your passengers, but other motorists and pedestrians as well.

Admittedly, there are vehicular repairs that you can put off for a time. A scratched hood, for example, does not require you to run to the nearest auto shop immediately. Even a minor dent from a parking incident can wait. There are, however, car problems that you need to have fixed as soon as possible. Here are some of those car repairs you should never hold back.

Strange noises coming from your engine

If you hear your engine making funny noises, you have to get checked it out immediately. It would be even more urgent if you accelerate and the sounds pick up in cadence. That’s because it’s possible the noises are being produced by an imbalance in the mix of air and fuel in your cylinders. Something like that can cause your pistons to fire incorrectly.

Always keep in mind that your engine is the most important—and most expensive—part of your vehicle. If you ignore problems like the strange noises it’s making, it is likely that it will eventually worsen and cause one system to fail after another.

Coolant leaks

Another problem that you should deal with the soonest possible time is when your car is leaking coolant. A coolant leak can overheat your engine real fast, and before you realize it, your vehicle breaks down and you’re left stranded on the road needing major and very costly auto repair.

A dashboard warning light coming on can alert you to a possible coolant leak, but try to look at the ground where you parked and see if there are coolant drippings on it. However, the plastic shielding under most cars that are designed to catch any fluid that may drip may make detecting coolant leaks on the ground more difficult. Nevertheless, you have to make an effort to check your coolant levels regularly so you can immediately have it repaired before it causes much more significant problems and costlier auto repairs.

Issues with steering

The fact that you are having problems with steering means you need to bring your vehicle to the nearest car repair shop. The moment you detect a steering problem while on the road, pull over immediately and call for an auto repair shop you can trust to tow your car away. You wouldn’t want to gamble on driving to the shop yourself when the slightest steering mistake could get you and other people involved in a vehicular accident.

Steering wheel problems can be caused by a broken or cracked power-steering belt, so you will need to have it replaced immediately. It’s a relatively minor repair that is so much cheaper than the consequences of ignoring it, and it’s something that cannot wait.

Brakes that are acting up

The importance of perfectly-functioning brakes can never be stated enough. So if you find the pedal to be too hard or too soft when you step on it, have it repaired immediately. It’s possible that a brake component may be leaking. You also have to be on the lookout for any grinding noises whenever you step on the brakes. Such sounds could mean your car is experiencing brake pad or wheel bearing problems, which could be indicative of much bigger issues with your systems.

Oil changes

It is standard procedure for car owners to get their oil changed at intervals recommended for the make and model of their vehicle, but for some reason, some of them fail or simply ignore to do something as basic as this. Your engine can use the protection that clean oil provides, effectively helping you prevent car problems down the road. Having your oil changed regularly also gives you an opportunity to have your car’s overall condition checked.

It’s true that auto repairs can cost you, but scrimping on them can only make them costlier in the long run. If you notice any of the problems listed above, don’t think twice about bringing your car to the shop. Spending for fixing the most common auto problems as soon as they happen will always be cheaper than going for auto repair only when the problem has gotten worse.


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