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Bad Drivers that Deserve Severe Punishment

Updated on August 7, 2012

Here's a list of some driving habits that are dangerous and rude, but not given as much attention as the usual cell phone use, speeding, tailgating, lack of using turn signals etc. The issues below should also all be dealt with by giving them very high fines and/or suspension of their drivers licenses.

Pickups, vans, SUVs and parking

Have you even come out of the supermarket, mall, electronics store etc. only to find that your compact or normal sized hatchback or sedan is now parked between two massive pickup trucks or minivans? I assume most of us have been in this situation. Even though I usually park in spots with either normal sized cars around me or none at all, I have oftentimes come back to find that I am now wedged between two massive hulks of metal with tires that are taller than me. This makes backing out, or even going forward out of your parking spot difficult as you can't see anything because of these cars.

Let's be honest, most people who own SUVs and giant pickup trucks don't really haul anything around in them except their egos or their inferiority complexes, which granted can be pretty weighty. These over-sized cars should have separate parking areas in a parking lot where they cannot obstruct the view. Just the other day I was driving along in a parking lot when a huge pickup backed out all of a sudden and quickly almost hitting the front of my car. Whether it was from not seeing me at all from his high horse, or from just sheer stupidity, the driver didn't even acknowledge his mistake when he heard me honking at him, but he sped off with screeching tires as if I were the stupid one.


Taking up mutiple parking spots

This has got to be an all around favorite. Taking up 2 or more parking spots can either be done out of sheer disregard for others; in an attempt to annoy; or stupidity. There is no need to take up multiple spaces to prove how much you don't care and how tough or cool you are. Now, I understand if a needlessly long or wide pickup cannot fit into a normal spot and hangs over a bit into another spot. However, if this be the case then the driver should automatically park in a very empty part of the parking lot in order to not take spots from others.

Parking diagonally across a parking space can only be from an attempt to annoy on the part of the driver. The best remedy for this is for two cars to park right on either side of them in the normal spots, meaning the diagonally parked driver would not be able to drive away neither forward nor in reverse.

I won't even get into parking in handicap spots as this has been covered many times already.


Cutting across parking lots

Many people like to just drive through parking lots as if they were driving on the street, without even looking to see if drivers who are actually using the lanes between spots are coming or not. I've seen countless near accidents caused by oblivious drivers just gunning it across lots. Granted, many people do go across lots (myself included), but this can be done by just inching forward in case there are cars parked all around you. If there are no cars around you then you can go a bit faster, but still staying at around 10 miles an hour just to be on the safe side.

Maybe the best idea would be to just put up curbs between parking lanes to avoid geniuses running rampant in parking lots.


Not stopping in time @ a stop sign

This happens at intersections a lot and when cars are coming out of parking lots into a main road. There have been numerous times when I was just driving along on the road when a car comes rushing out from a parking lot and stops all of a sudden half a car length past the stop sign, making me hit the brakes because it looks like the driver was not going to stop at all. You should come to a complete stop at a stop sign and then slowly inch forward to check if there is traffic coming, not to even mention whether there is somebody coming on the sidewalk or not. Why this rush to get out of parking lots? I guess rolling around the lots isn't as fun as getting on a road with other moving cars where real damage can be done.


Blasting through yellow lights

I do a lot of walking and I must admit that even going across cross walks in the US is dangerous. Drivers seem surprised when they see people actually walking and not sitting in a car (I cover this in my Road Ragin' hub). A lot of times the crosswalk light turns green only for me to see a car that has blasted through his yellow light pass right under my nose. It's always like running a gauntlet, especially in States where drivers can also make right turns at red lights. I always do a double take before crossing a street, even when I have the right of way. Reckless drivers getting to where they want to be like to disregard yellow lights. For them yellow lights are a sign to speed up, not slow down.


Driving with arm hanging out

Ahh, this has got to be one of my favorites. Instead of inspiring fear or respect in other drivers, those who cruise along with their arms hanging out just inspire spite instead. I admit that there are probably many people out there who are totally impressed by this sort of behavior, and attempt to copy it. The bigger the arm, the better. This supposedly gives out the message that you shouldn't tailgate this guy, or get annoyed with him for not using his blinker. He probably just pointed to the direction he wanted to go with his thumb anyway, right?

This arm out the window fad also exudes self confidence. If listening to loud music, the hand attached to the arm can tap against the side of the car in a cool way, attracting swarms of admiring ladies.

Or, if the arm is just hanging limply from the window, this shows total relaxation probably brought on by a rush of fat to the brain cells caused by downing a fast food meal in 2 minutes.

There are dangers though. These arms could easily get ripped off by other cars. If the car is a low rider then the arm could get caught under your own wheel. Street urchins could steal your rings or fake Rolex at red lights (if you happened to accidentally stop at one). So hanging your arm out does inspire awe and admiration, but at the risk of serious bodily harm.


Passenger putting feet on dash

Maybe even worse than hanging your arm out is when those sitting in the passenger seat throw their feet up on the dash, or in some cases out the window to just in front of the passenger sside mirror. It's impressive enough when highly intelligent beings throw their feet up on desks, but when they do it in cars it's a sign of truly refined culture. Many times these feet are clad in filthy socks whose elastic bands cut into the fat-filled and snow white ankles of the passengers, leaving a beautiful sight to behold. I have refrained from putting up a video of ugly feet and have gone with more acceptable one instead in respect to you, the reader.

There have even been cases of feet and arm hanging out of car windows at the same time! Now that really is something. This is almost exclusively done by girls for some reason.

The above are just some things that I feel are sometimes overlooked when it comes to mindless drivers. This was by no means meant to be an exhaustive list. I truly hope that I have given some you a new insight into what to look for on the roads (besides the road). There is mind-numbingly beautiful behaviour around every corner. You just have to look for it.

Do you yourself do any of the above behaviours?

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    • sammimills profile image


      6 years ago from California, USA

      A disciplined driver is a good driver. Most car accidents happen because of undisciplined and reckless drivers.

    • bmcoll3278 profile image


      6 years ago from Longmont, Colorado

      Taking up mutiple parking spots that one makes me want to become a vandal most time the two spaces are the closet to the entry as well. I did a hub call It's the little pedal on the right moron push it!! Why we can't have hood mounted weapons. Check it out.


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