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Driving the Drive

Updated on October 16, 2011

Driving the Drive

It's 7:30 in the morning and I'm driving on one of the many jammed freeways in Southern California.  What many people consider an average day of just trying to keep your sanity and get to work on time, there are others who have given the word driving a whole new meaning.  These same people have given the word Multitasking a new meaning as well.  On any give day you are lucky if you don't see someone either changing their clothes, putting on makeup, texting or talking on their cell phone.  All this is done while their  eyes are suppose to be on the road.  I've even seen a guy shaving while he is suppose to be driving. Amazing!  Now I know that the big thing these days is to try and stop the number of individuals who are talking and texting while they are driving, but I content these other offenses  that I have mentioned are just as serious.  I mean really how can you shave and drive?  In the past we  only had to worry about the mom who was trying to stop her kids in the back seat from fighting  it out with each other.  Well that has turned into a minor infraction compared to that person who is putting on makeup or texting or both.   I have heard stories of individuals who have their own office in their car. They have laptop cell phone and even a printer in the car. Amazing!  I'm saying all this to say that when we get in the car and start it up, we are preparing to DRIVE OUR CARS!  Nothing more, nothing less.  So here are a few you should do before you get behind the wheel and possibly endanger not just your life, but the life of the other motorist on the road:

1.  Make sure you get enough sleep in order to stay awake while you  are driving

2. Set your radio on the station that you want to listen to so that you won't be distracted trying to find a station to listen to.  You can also just put in your favorite CD before you leave and listen to it.

3. Get up early enough to have time to find the right shirt or  dress to wear so you won't have to try and get dress while you are driving.  The same applies for putting on makeup.

4. If you can turn you cell phone off until you arrive at your destination.  If you must leave your cell phone on and it rings, try to find an area on the side of the road or exit off the freeway or expressway to take the call.

5. The same rule applies if you have to send an important text to someone.

6 Finally keep your eyes on the road and on the car in front of you.  Driving is a privilege not a right which can be taken away.  Remember this  the  next time you get behind the wheel.


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    • smithmary15 profile image

      smithmary15 24 months ago

      Thanks for your response.

    • nobleink profile image

      nobleink 6 years ago

      i use to text and drive til i almost ran off the road. it was a minor road, but all the same. i learned and won't ever again. i love my life and respect those around me as well

    • smithmary15 profile image

      smithmary15 6 years ago

      Thank you for the comment. I hope people consider this when driving. A lot of lives are at stake!

    • prektjr.dc profile image

      Debbie Carey 6 years ago from Riverton, KS, USA

      I agree. Maybe if they would actually revoke the privilege from those who drive distracted, people would think twice! I watched a lady make a list while driving....seriously! She was all over the road! It was so dangerous! Thanks for bringing up an important topic! Voted up, useful and interesting!